Youth Group

 Everyone deserves a second chance….



We’re not like other ‘feel good’ groups out there. We sure want you to feel good but more than that – we also want you to do well for yourself. If you’re ready for a new challenge and want to become an above-average youth, then join us today.


“We know that the best time to get on the right track and prepare for the future is during our young years, when we’re open to learn, ready to start, and go for new challenges. This is why the YPG exists. It’s a way to grow together in an exciting and productive way to successful adults.”



The age is from 14 to 21 years old, A place where many have found help and encouragement. Young people are taught how to excel in their studies without falling victim to peer pressure. They are taught how to get over the problems of their past and to take a stand for their lives to be better than they had ever dreamed.

The YPG meets every Sunday at 1pm. Activities include singing, dancing, drama and sports competitions, fun days out, twice weekly meetings and drop-in counseling.
The principles taught in the YPG meetings are more than just words; they are lived out by the leaders and demonstrated in the activities they are challenged to do. When many teens have no structure or role model to follow, they can have that need fulfilled through the YPG.
The youth group which is the youth ministry of the UCKG HelpCentre is currently run by
our youth Pastor and who is always available for counseling and advice throughout the week

The youth are split into groups having their own Tribe names, uniforms, chants and banners. Each week they work together in preparation for the respective tasks for the competition on Sunday. Meetings are packed with fun activities and competition.Young people battle it out against each other, in various tasks and activities ranging from sports to
musical presentations, dramas and much more.





Address: 2420 Dufferin Street ( 1Block North of Eglinton Ave. West) Toronto, ON, M6E 3S8

For more information or advice, just email us at