Good and faithful servant

It is not enough to be good, nor is it enough to be faithful; we must be good and faithful.

A good servant is skilled at what he does; he uses his resources and talents to do everything very well done. With his resources and talents he is able to do an “excellent job”. The problem is that, unfortunately, many “good servants” are unfaithful to their calling.

Unfaithfulness happens when he ceases to serve because of the passion to win souls and starts to expect recognition, praise and personal promotions. Also, because he desires to be accepted by his listeners, he will not tell them the whole truth they need to hear.

A faithful servant has a good character and obeys every order given by their Lord, but he usually delays and has difficulties. Since he has not developed his skills as a servant, he does not know how to use the resources he has. So it takes him longer to discover and multiply the talents his Lord placed in his hands.

However, a good and faithful servant is someone who has skills and character, speaks the truth that his listeners need to hear and multiplies. He uses the resources he has and searches for more in order to do a good job. Each day, he discovers more talents and multiplies them. He lives in spirit and invests all of his potential to be and make the best of everything for his Lord, without expecting anything in return.

Let’s be good. Let’s use all our skills, resources, talents and potential for the sake of our Lord.

Let’s be faithful. Let’s preserve our character as real men and women of God, walk in the Spirit and work without waiting to be recognized, praised or promoted.

May the passion for saving and serving be enough to motivate us every day!

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