God gives us a piece of His mind

It’s common for people to groan, complain and give God a piece of their mind because of their painful life. In some cases they don’t even do that because they blame Him for their suffering, destruction and slavery. Then they start asking questions like: “Where was God when the Israelites were slaves in Egypt for 430 years?”

Well, today HE will give us a piece of His mind! After all, our Lord also has every right to do this. It begins like this: 

“But the more I summoned them, the farther they departed from me. They sacrificed to the Baal idols and burned incense to images.” Hosea 11.2 NET

In other words, I showed them an altar of life and they insist on putting their faith in an altar of darkness and deception. “WHO’S TO BLAME?”

It took God four centuries to answer those people because it took them that long to respond to HIS call:

“I said, ʻListen, my people! I will warn you! O Israel, if only you would obey me! There must be no other god among you. You must not worship a foreign god. I am the Lord, your God, the one who brought you out of the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide and I will fill it!’ But my people did not obey me; Israel did not submit to me. I gave them over to their stubborn desires; they did what seemed right to them. If only my people would obey me! If only Israel would keep my commands! Then I would quickly subdue their enemies, and attack their adversaries. (May those who hate the Lord cower in fear before him! May they be permanently humiliated!) I would feed Israel the best wheat, and would satisfy your appetite with honey from the rocky cliffs.’” Psalm 81.8-16 NET

In short, a person will never be unhappy or suffer because they’re envied, persecuted, or because their problem or enemies are too strong. When God works, who can block or reverse it?

I will conclude by repeating a question I was recently asked: “When will I not need to talk to God more than once about what I want?”

“When HE does not need to speak to you more than once to be obeyed.”

May God abundantly bless you!

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