God called us to change your life

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me to…

– Announce the good news of deliverance. Isaiah 61.1

– Remove the pain from your heart. Isaiah 61.1

– Deliver you from sickness, addiction or problem that has been dragging on for years. Isaiah 61.1

– Proclaim Salvation in your life. Isaiah 61.2

– Bring faith and joy to those who mourn. Isaiah 61.2

– Remove the ashes of the past, the trauma and frustrations endured in life and give those who believe the crown of the children of the King. Isaiah 61.3

– Remove the sorrow and anoint you with the same anointing the Lord Jesus had, the oil of joy. Isaiah 61.3 and Psalm 45.7

The crying, tears and oppression will come to an end.

The shame you suffer today will become DOUBLE HONOR, because our God will make this happen. Isaiah 61.7

Take a look at what these men did with the strength and power of the Spirit of God:

– Gideon linked his faith with the Spirit of God and overcame an army of 135,000 men, with just 300 men. Judges 6.14

– The Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon Samson and he killed 1,000 enemies. Judges 15.14-15

– Anointed by the Spirit of God, David overcame a fully armed giant using only a stone and sling. 1 Samuel 17.46-47

– Filled with the Spirit of God, Peter and John healed the paralyzed; they began to walk and many miracles happened. Acts 3.6-9

Not to mention the many other heroes of the faith who, anointed by the SPIRIT OF GOD, did extraordinary miracles.

We, pastors, assistants, bishops and servants of God, will be in the same faith on Sunday.

Those who are sad, exhausted, sick, trapped by a problem in your life, carrying the trauma and frustrations from your past, come put a STOP to this suffering!

With the anointing of the Almighty God, we will be ministering a miracle in your life this Sunday, in all the Universal Churches.

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