From London to Berlin… and that’s just for starters!

I had my own business as a professional photographer for other companies. My business was taking baby steps and I was getting frustrated and impatient. I would get small jobs, but I wanted to push it even further. I had a vision to travel all around the world to do shoots, but I hadn’t moved anywhere.

When the Campaign of Israel was announced at the UCKG HelpCentre, I grabbed the opportunity. I wanted the vision I had for my business to be materialised! And with this understanding and revolt inside of me, I gave 100% of myself. Faith without action is pointless, so I went the extra mile in showing how serious I was.

I started working alongside top fashion designers and one of the executives saw my work and asked me to work with her! She invited me to come to Berlin for a major shoot that she was going to be holding there. My dream!

I was also offered professional teaching, a financial booster for my business, and a chance to cover a fashion show right after my return from Berlin, not forgetting that I’ve also recently bought a new BMW.

I can honestly say that the walls that were impeding my business from growing have been totally knocked down, and the Campaign can knock down those walls for you too!


Elijah Akhimieho

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