From hell to Heaven

Bishop Macedo,

I grew up in a Baptist church, and from the age of 5 to 11, I was abused by my father, who also happened to be a pastor of the church. When it was his day to preach, I wanted to vomit. There was always a “prophet” that would praise him, saying that he was like David in God’s eyes. And I would say to myself, “How can this be? This God is so unfair!”

This was how I grew up.

And because of it, I no longer believed in God.

I reached a point where I served evil spirits. I also started using drugs on a daily basis. One time, I snorted so much cocaine that thick blood started coming out of my nose. And worse, every time I was high, I knew that if Jesus returned at that moment, I would go to hell.

On the way to a Spanish course, I blacked out. I walked into a Universal Church (I had never been in one before), and you were praying for those who found themselves on the wrong side of the tracks of life, even without knowing anything about me. For this reason, I believe that GOD Himself, through your prayers, provided this moment for me.

Thank you, Bishop! I am a fruit of your prayers.

When you pray for those who are lost in this world, God answers and has removed souls from the hands of the devil.

I cannot thank you enough!

Today I am an assistant in Recife, in the region of San Martin, and a businesswoman. My husband and my son are also assistants. The three of us are a part of the Work of the House of God. In addition, we have two more daughters – one who is 12, who is in CBC, and the youngest is 8.

All my children enjoy being in the House of the Lord. Today I can say: my family is truly of God, and this can be seen through our testimony. We have learned a lot from you, Bishop Macedo, our father in Faith.

The Angelis family.


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