From employee to franchisee

Delivering newspapers door to door was my job. Eventually, I had to leave it because I was pregnant. Things were so bad that my mom suggested that I go back to Argentina.

My mom always encouraged me to go to the UCKG but I never wanted to go, until finally I decided to go. This is when my life started to change. When I finally agreed to do so, I started attending almost everyday and listened to the advice of the pastor. Then the Campaign of Israel came and I participated. I gave everything I had.

Back then I was working as an employee at Wraps on the Go. My employer asked me to find another job because she had plans on selling the business. I was not worried because I knew God would honour my sacrifice. So I got an idea to buy the business. I didn’t have the condition to pay for everything. I offere

d to pay the partial amount. Three weeks after, I received a phone call from my employer. She accepted my offer. We closed the deal and I became the new owner of the business.

I never thought that it would be possible for me to achieve what I have today. Sacrifice works!


Adriana Serrano

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