Extraordinary experiences in Temple of Solomon

Good morning, Bishop!

What a DAY! I am renewed. Oh, what a day, Bishop!

On Saturday, I had a strong experience with God in the Temple of Solomon. I have been preparing myself during four years, waiting to enter this Holy Place, and with the Fast of Jesus, we were able to sanctify ourselves days before setting foot inside.

We are in Rio Grande do Sul. When the bus arrived in Bras, I saw the Temple towering over the other buildings, and as I imagined, its grandeur and magnitude was easily seen. This Temple is truly for the glory of our God!

There are many churches that unfortunately do not understand this… However, we have learned to glorify our God!

I wanted to tell you about my experience getting to the Temple. Upon entering through the Door, I couldn’t hold back my tears. They weren’t tears of emotion; I was crying because I knew the Lord was there, and it was such a privilege to be in the Temple of God. A movie of my journey with God quickly flashed before my eyes. There, in silence, He spoke to me Bishop. Just by remembering what happened and writing about it, my eyes fill with tears of joy.

I remembered the first time I came to Church. I didn’t even remember the clothes I wore that day, but yesterday I remembered. I remembered everything like a movie: my baptism, my sacrifices, my encounter with Him, my baptism with the Holy Spirit, my consecration as an assistant and everything else that He has done for me. I also remembered my battles and saw how they strengthened my faith and how I’ve matured because of them! I saw the Bishops walking among us and their wives, who I admire so much… I was in awe! But then I remembered that I was in the Temple of God, and before Him, we are all the same.

When the meeting finished and we were outside – we were the last ones to leave –, I saw you go outside with the other bishops and noticed how happy you were. God did with you what He did with Abraham: he only wanted one son, but God made him the father of a nation; you wanted to win that lamb, the soul of your friend, but He gave you a nation of spiritual children!

Bishop, I just want to thank you. Thank you so much for bringing us the Temple! My relationship with God has become even stronger!

Luana Peruzzo Caciano



Hello, Bishop!

Last Saturday, I had the immense pleasure of being at the 6 o’clock meeting in the Temple of Solomon. This day will be marked in my memory until my last breath of life.

I am here to thank you for everything! When you were preaching about faith and salvation, I just wanted to walk up to you and thank you for everything. I saw in you a fatherly love that I have never felt before, because my father abandoned me when I was a child.

But, back to the topic, I was amazed to see the love you have for us, the care and the way you teach, just like a father who cares for his daughter. I also want to thank you for the glorious opportunity to set foot inside the Temple.

As soon as the doors opened, I walked into the Sanctuary and I just couldn’t hold back, I cried like a child. It is EXTRAORDINARY! I’m sure my life will not be the same, like the Word of God says: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard…”

Bishop, I had not realized the greatness of that Holy Place. It is glorious, magnificent and majestic! When I entered, I forgot about everything and everyone else. I was too busy taking in every inch of that place. Everything is perfect. A movie of how God saved me and what He has done in my life flashed before my eyes.

I am the happiest person in this world, because, even though I’m full of flaws and imperfections, God chose me to be part of this great Work.

HALLELUJAH, what joy Bishop! First, I want to thank God and second, I want to thank you.

Thank you and God bless you!

Sinthia Braga, pastor’s wife from Luiz Antonio – SP



Good morning, Bishop Macedo!

I would like to share the experience I had on Sunday morning with you. I saw the glory of God when I entered the Temple of Solomon. Everything spoke to me in that place: the floor, the walls, even the olive trees. While I thought, “Wow, how did they bring all this from Israel…”, God spoke to me, “The greatness is not in how they brought this here, or where it came from, but Who permitted all of this to be here.”

It’s like us. Our worth is not in who we are, but in Who chose us. He was the One who made us worthy when He chose us… Then, as I saw so many other things, God spoke to me in silence. I didn’t even want to speak with my husband, because this day belonged to my God, I just wanted to hear Him, I didn’t want to miss anything, and I believe that I didn’t miss anything.

When I got back to our Church, it was even more glorious! I can say that I have new eyes.

Our Church has 120 members, it’s a small church and that’s exactly how I saw it, but Sunday morning, when I came in, it felt like I was entering the Temple again. It was very strong! I felt such love for those people that it didn’t even fit in my chest, I wanted to give every one of them a hug and give them what was given to me for free.

When I looked at the Altar, I thought: Holiness to the Lord! I looked at my husband and saw, spiritually, a true priest. I truly saw him as a man of God and not just my husband. His words were anointed, and there was such fear in his prayer to God! Not that he didn’t have any of this before, but the way I see things is what changed.

Its been a long time since I’ve attended a meeting where I was so involved by everything like I was this Sunday, from the first prayer until the last. I saw no flaws in what he said or did, I only saw God from the beginning to the end, like I did in the Temple.

Everything in our Church is speaking to me: the walls, the floor, the Altar, the people… When I see a paper on the floor, I think, “This is the house of my God, everything needs to show His Glory!”

Bishop, the way I view things changed after I entered the Temple of Solomon. I am no longer the same person. Today I realize how I wasn’t showing God the proper fear and reverence, but that has changed for the glory of God! Even my love for the souls was renewed, and for my husband too. Today, I love them even more because I saw the glory of God, and I want to pay that forward to everyone around me! I want everyone who steps foot in this Church, and in every Church we go to, to see, like in the Temple, how extraordinary our God is through our life and our ministry!

We are going to explode from now on, because I am a new servant, and I am going to put all of my strength into this Work, helping my husband on the Altar and winning more souls for my Lord. Let’s redeem time!

Gabrielle Improta – Salvador – BA

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