Experiences at the Temple of Solomon

Dear Bishop,

Through this e-mail, I would like to share some of the experiences I’ve had here at the Temple. In recent months, people from various countries, cultures and languages ​​have been interested in knowing the One True God, the God of Israel.

We recently received a couple from Israel. Before entering the terrace, I noticed the man’s wife was smoking while they waited for us. She seemed to be nervous and troubled.

During the tour, both asked a lot of questions about our faith in Yeshua. They had a flurry of doubts!

When we led the couple to see the inside of the Temple, the Sanctuary, the silence was absolute. It was as if God Himself was speaking to her, and He most certainly was. Seeing how she was so marveled and, at the same time touched by God, I asked if she wanted to write a request to the God of Israel and say a prayer with me. She accepted.

We approached the Altar, while my husband was speaking to her husband outside. She was so grateful that she also wished to give an offering to the Temple.

I prayed for her, and at the end of the prayer I said in the name of Yeshua (Jesus), the woman’s tears were inevitable, and I’m sure you can understand the magnitude of my joy!

A few days ago this woman wrote to me saying that she’s longing to visit our UCKG community in Tel Aviv. I know God began working in her life.

Another similar case was that of a mother and daughter, also from Israel, who came to Sao Paulo solely to see the Temple. One of the pastor priests led them to the meeting in the Temple, which had just begun. This was on a Tuesday, and they sat in the last row.

Since we didn’t have anything prepared for the translation, I was not able translate the bishop’s first prayer into their ear device, which was for physical and inner healing. The bishop said, “God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,” and when I looked over, their eyes were closed and they had raised their hands together with everyone else that was praying. The young woman told us she has the New Testament at home but never read it because it is forbidden in her religion.

Many of the people who visit us from other countries and other religions tell us the same thing: “I did not expect to see what I’m seeing! This place brings peace.”

Many others have stayed to participate in the meetings on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, which means that there are many people who hunger and thirst for justice and seek an answer in the Living God.

I remember three people from Israel who accepted a prayer for their families at the Temple’s Altar with Bishop Miguel, my husband and another pastor. We all held hands and in the name of Yeshua, they received the prayer and said they were feeling very peaceful.

This work might seem small to help people in need, but it is people like these that I mentioned that bring us satisfaction, great satisfaction! My spirit is filled with joy when someone visits us from another country, or even another religion, among many who visit the Temple, and accept a prayer from us or decides to attend one of the meetings.

And last, 2 days ago, three Buddhist monks from a country called Tibet, south of China, came to visit the Temple.

I was very impressed because I had never spoken to a monk. In the photos below, you can see there is a taller man among the monks; he is Swiss and converted to Buddhism. With his help and a pastor who accompanied us, we did the tour in English and he translated into the language of the other two monks. At the end of the tour, he said he would return with other monks, who are here in Brazil for a short time but will soon be returning to Tibet.

Bishop, I’ve had so many experiences for the short time I’ve been here at the Temple, I would like to tell you about each one of them, with Argentineans, Spanish, Americans and Syrians, who came to visit this past Friday. Many of them are delivered from spiritual problems and others receive the Holy Spirit while in the Temple.

It truly is a place of Salvation and a House of Prayer for all people, regardless of their country or religion.
And the most wonderful part is that God does not need us to save anyone, but He counts on us with His infinite mercy and grace.

Sara Maia

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