Empty revelations

What good is it to have biblical knowledge and not intend to practice it?

What is the use of thirsting for biblical knowledge when you neglect to put it into practice?

Does such theoretical knowledge, without practice, have any value?

Would this please God?

Anyone who thinks abundant biblical and theological knowledge is enough to achieve salvation is completely deceived.

There is a story about a well-known pastor who was asked to give a sermon at a large church. That night, the church was packed. With each step through the crowd, his chest inflated more and more with pride. At the end of his beautiful and eloquent sermon, he directed himself to those who were lost and wanted to give their life to the Lord Jesus. To his surprise and disappointment, no one was touched by his eloquent message; no one came forward. As he left the church with his head down in humiliation, he was approached by an elder who said to him, “My dear Pastor, if you would’ve stepped onto the Altar the same way you are leaving, you would certainly be leaving the same way you came in.”

The fact is, no matter how excellent and convincing the biblical message is, if it’s not accompanied by the Holy Spirit, it will bring no benefits. And the proof of the anointing and presence of the Spirit is the humbleness in obedience to the Word that is being announced. Otherwise, all biblical knowledge is empty.

God does not reveal His will to the disobedient and rebellious. Instead, He resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble that aspire to know His will so that they can immediately put it to practice and therefore please Him.

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