DNA of hell

Sin has been the most lethal plague on the face of the Earth. It not only contaminated the human race and animals but all of planet Earth as well. There was and is only one way to eliminate the curse of sin: the death of sin. But how can you kill sin without sacrificing the sinner? This is only possible with a substitute for the sinner; someone that is perfect or without sin.

The substitute to be sacrificed could not be contaminated with sin. It’s like when someone wants to donate contaminated blood. This cannot be done. The same applies to the substitute of the sinner: it must be PERFECT.

The innocent and perfect animal sacrificed to cover the “nakedness” of Adam and Eve represented the Lamb of God, who removes the sin of the world. The sacrifice of the animal served to keep the human race alive, yet their soul was still sick and tainted with the DNA of sin. Therefore, mankind grew infected.

Adam and Eve continued to live, but SEPARATE from the Most High.

In order for the human race to have a communion with Him again, God established the Laws of Offerings and Sacrifices. Such laws had to meet the principles of Faith. Imagine a sinner approaching God with a sacrificial offering in his hand and a heart filled with hatred? Would this be possible?

Voluntary offerings, sin offerings and conquest offerings, peace offerings, and all other offerings and tithes have their distinct purposes and meanings, but all bear one Spirit: The Spirit of Faith. Only those who the Spirit of God reveals the Faith will have the courage to go to the Altar and sacrifice.

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