Details make all the difference

For an electronic device to function, each wire, no matter how small or thin it is, must be properly connected. If just one wire is disconnected, the entire function of the device is compromised. When this happens, it no longer matters how beautiful or how modern the device is. A single disconnected wire can cause it to stop working and become useless.

The details that keep faith active are like these wires. Usually, no one gives them much importance, but they are specifically responsible for keeping our faith running properly. Each of these wires is a short prayer or a thought about the Word of God, which places you under the protection, direction, dependence and care of God. They are what guarantee your physical and spiritual integrity, not the fact that you have the Holy Spirit. By neglecting these details, many who are of God have been hurt, and some even lost their lives.

After all, it’s no use having your weapons in hand if you’re not going to use them during the war; it’s no use to be of God and not protect yourself from the attacks of the devil. You make mistakes and are vulnerable to the mistakes of others when your wires are not connected to God. This is when your faith device begins to malfunction.

Put God before the small things in your life too. This constant exercise of faith neutralizes the actions of the devil and protects you from human mistakes. Ask Him to bless the professionals you come across, guide the means of transport you use, preserve your going out and your coming in and eliminate the inspirations sent by the devil from the minds of the people around you. This is the foundation for you to continue living, fighting and winning. By doing so, you will maintain the physical and spiritual conditions to continue working for the Kingdom of God.

Give due importance to details – they make all the difference. One detail can be decisive in what will or will not happen in your life. Both, the blessings of God and the tragedies caused by the devil are born from details. Of the two, the one that will interfere in the small things connected to you, is not always the one to whom you surrendered your life, but the one you allowed to act – whether through prayer or a lack thereof.

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