Day 8 of the Fast of Daniel

The Wonders of True Faith

Let him hear what the Spirit says to those who believe:
Those who insist on FEELING something in order to BELIEVE, are going to die not believing.
Faith is certainty, it is a personal conviction. Those who have faith obey the Word of God and wait.

They don’t cry about it, they don’t complain and, most importantly, they don’t expose themselves to any worries with others.

Every time we ask God for something that is according to His will and, at the same time, confess our weaknesses, it’s as if we do not believe. Worse: that we believe more in the power of evil than in the power of God.

The act of Faith does not try to sensitize others or cause them to feel grief.

The Fast of Daniel is an act of pure faith. Those who submit to this Fast are already manifesting their faith!

Instead of forming some kind of worry or fear in others, why not talk to God? This is faith!

Face the evil thoughts, doubts and fears with the same faith that you are using to sacrifice in this Fast?

Doubt your doubts!

Those who are sacrificing have the right to charge God to fulfill His Promises. This is FAITH!

Did anyone ever obtain something from God by manifesting self-pity? I doubt it.

Everyone should know: the Fast of Daniel is just the “beginning of the excavation of the wellspring”.

If someone complains while digging, this person will never find the Water of Life!

…the just shall live by his faith. Habakkuk 2.4

This means that those who are participating in the Fast, whether they accept it or not, are already in the Faith. They have already begun to dig. After all, who would start to dig unless they believed they would find Water?

The Eternal God said:
Now the just shall live by faith; but if anyone draws back, My soul has no pleasure in him. Hebrews 10.38

To draw back means to retreat. And the complaints prove a willingness to give up. The devil likes this; he likes it very much.

No more complaining, blah, blah, blahs, or anything like that.

Start using words of FAITH. And if you really like to complain, whine or get angry, do it with the same One that promised:

I am with you alwaysMatthew 28.20

Erika Priscila

I have recently returned to the UCKG. I have been in Church for one month. I was always, like you say, “a roller coaster” in the faith; one moment I’d be firm and like the waves crash in and the tide rolls out, I’d turn away from the faith and leave.
But this time I came back determined to never leave again. I went through a complicated process of deliverance because I believe that I was only delivered this Friday. On Thursday, I was praying in my room and I had poured out everything that was still in me. I gave my future, my past and my present to the Holy Spirit; I was in total communion with Him. I asked the Spirit of God to put the right words in my mouth, so that I could praise Him. I was connected with God the Father. And that’s when I began to feel extremely bad, my hands got sweaty, I got goose bumps, my body was trembling, my heart was pounding – all the things we usually feel during the deliverance process. It became so intense that I was forced to make a strong prayer while seeking the Holy Spirit, because I thought I was going to manifest in my room.
I’ve been leading a righteousness life, spending all of my time with the youth group, always seeking Him, reading the bible and doing my chain of prayer on Fridays. I always tell the devil there is nothing he can accuse me with before God or weigh heavy on my conscience. Whenever I notice that I’ve done something bad, I confess right away before the Holy Spirit, because I don’t want anything to accuse me when I come before His presence to praise Him!!!
Bishop, please explain to me why I felt such awful things while seeking the Holy Spirit? It was so bad that I felt overwhelmed by these symptoms. And how do I overcome this? I’m not giving the devil any gaps to come back into my life and I don’t accept this Fast to end without something extraordinary happening in my life.
Help me!!!

Tamires Salino
Hello bishop.
I would like to share my glorious testimony with everyone. I’ve been in the Universal Church for 8 years. I was raised as an assistant of the Lord’s house 7 years ago, and I must say that I lived a lie during all this time. I came to Church like many others, defeated, at the bottom of the pit. I was 17, and had just ended a 1-year relationship because we both cheated on each other. When I returned to Church, I was empty, sad and all my relationships had failed. I participated in the meetings and was delivered. Then I began to give more of myself to the work of God, I joined the youth group, started evangelizing, took care of the Church on Saturdays, organized the cleaning group, etc. I began taking classes to be an assistant and was soon raised as one, but there was an important detail: I did not truly know God. Until today, I thought I was baptized with the Holy Spirit but I wasn’t. Bishop, look at the danger I put myself into by doing the work of God. I had not truly changed. There I was, in my uniform, but empty inside. I met a young man in Church that was raised as an assistant before me. We prayed, got married and are still together till this day. But because of the rush in our day-to-day life, we forgot a little bit about God. And His work in my life has become a lie since then. There have been many Fasts of Daniel, but I only did the first one properly. This is, I was an assistant but I was far from God. We didn’t have any contact with Him. I prayed but He didn’t answer, I cried out to Him but nothing happened. But I decided to make this Fast worth it, and even though I knew I wasn’t well, I made a vow with God that I was going to change my life. I began this Fast with all my strength and it hasn’t been easy, but I’ve been doing the right thing. On Wednesday, I had my encounter with God and was truly sealed with the Holy Spirit. It was wonderful, there are no words to explain it and all I can do is thank you for helping us through your messages, prayers and for being chosen by God, because if you hadn’t, this purpose of faith, which is the Fast of Daniel, would never have shown me how empty I was inside. Today, I can already see a change in me, I want to win souls, take care of the people, I want them to have the joy and peace that I have. Today, I can say, “Oh, what a day!” I didn’t take the other Fasts seriously, but I have been giving all of my life during this one and I received the life of Jesus Christ in me. Thank you Bishop and God bless you always.

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