Day 5 of the Fast of Daniel

I was a possessed believer

Let him hear what the Spirit says to those who seek Him:

The following comment dispenses my message.

Meditate on it and find out what the Spirit of the Almighty wants you to know.

Thank you!

May God enlighten you the same way He enlightened me.

Good morning, Bishop!

I have been “convinced” for 9 years, and during this entire time, I was a possessed believer and didn’t even know it. During these 9 years of church, I visited 12 different denominations and a sect, I was baptized 4 times and was completely convinced that I was serving God and had the Holy Spirit. I “prayed in tongues”, preached the Word of God and was chosen to be consecrated as a missionary. The truth is that I didn’t even know I was taking long strides towards hell. Yes, I was possessed by a spirit, but it was the spirit of deception.

Until, God led me to the Universal Church. Though my journey has just begun, the battle for deliverance has been great, because my “will” constantly fought against me. I did not accept the faith and hardened my heart. As a result, I often manifested violently on the altar and was unable to be delivered. My sorrows, resentment, pride and fears were stones that blocked me from seeing the truth. I ended up losing everything. I was kicked out of the house, because no one could stand me anymore. My family and friends turned their backs on me. I lost my job and my dignity. I lived in a small dirty room without windows, eating cornmeal and nothing else. Without my family or anyone else’s help, I couldn’t find the strength to go to Church; I didn’t even have money for the bus fare.

But God gave me an opportunity. I made it to Church this week, and the pastor was announcing the Fast of Daniel. God immediately moved me to participate. I am abstaining from everything and surrendered myself wholeheartedly. I cried so much that I wet the Church floor and this is what I’ve been doing all week. On the first day of the Fast, as I stood in front of the Altar, I said to God, “Lord, don’t turn away from me forever, I am emotionally troubled, and the stones that block me from seeing and receiving You in my life are my feelings and my traumatized heart. I confess that I need your help, because I am sick. A child cannot live without their father, and I want to be your daughter, forgive me…”

When I finished speaking, something so extraordinary happened that I can’t even explain it. I was filled with joy and peace, an unexplainable peace, something unwavering and definite. Now, I am certain that I’m saved! I am thirsty to save souls and most importantly: instead of the fear of people, the trauma, the pain, the anger and the hate against world, I was overcome with love and a desire for all mankind to experience what I experienced.

I am living proof that God does the impossible. And today, I know what the TRUE BAPTISM WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT really is. Intelligent, rational and peaceful. Thank you, Bishop, for teaching me this.

Ana Claudia – Rio de Janeiro

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