Day 36 of the 40 Day Fast of Jesus

Welcome to the House of Sacrifice

The Temple of Solomon was built to register the name of the Almighty and, consequently, radiate His Presence. This is why it had such a profound meaning to the Jews: besides the Presence of the Lord, it represented the protection of God to His people.

But for God Himself, the Temple was much more than a house of prayer, it was the only place where His people could offer their sacrifices. For this reason, it was also called the House of Sacrifice. 2 Chronicles 7.12

This is why it was exclusively for priests.

Priests were holy people, separated to perform sacred work. This is why the Eternal God only accepted sacrifices offered by them. The holiness of the priests was such that it was even represented in their garments. Because they were white, they symbolized Purity and Holiness. Also, their bare feet symbolized Respect and Fear.

Following these biblical examples, the newly built Temple cannot be considered a mere church or cathedral, just like the Jewish synagogues. As a Most Holy Place of Sacrifice, Prayer and Worship, all visitors must be dressed in Fear, Reverence and Respect.

Just like the priests in the past, we must all be filled with the same spirit of Fear, Reverence and Respect.

The Temple of Solomon is the House of Sacrifice, but each one of us is His living temple, who continually offers sacrifices to Him. Sacrifices, which are holy and pleasing in all aspects, especially in the way they behave in His Presence.

Therefore, our clothes and behavior in the Temple must be according to the priestly behavior from the time of Jesus. This means indecent, indiscreet or sexy clothes will be, in the least, an insult to the Lord of the Temple.

The reason that the priests were barefoot also served to keep a sacred, quiet environment. Any minimal noise in the Sanctuary would prevent them from hearing the voice of God. The same happens nowadays. Those who want to hear the Voice of God should be silent, so He can speak. The Lord Jesus warned them thirteen times: He who has ears to hear, let him hear!…

God gave us the Temple of Solomon so that those who go there have the privilege of having a personal experience with God Almighty.

So its visitors have to be mindful that this is not a place for tourism, sightseeing or anything similar. On the contrary!

Cameras, cell phones, camcorders, tablets, computers or any other object that may disrupt the attention of the faithful will not be allowed inside the Sanctuary. So everyone, without exception, will undergo a rigorous search with metal detectors.

No one, absolutely no one, will be allowed into the Sanctuary of the Temple with such objects.

I appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation.

God bless you abundantly.

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