Day 32 of the 40 Day Fast of Jesus

How to be admirable

Someone asked me the other day when was I most proud of my father, and, while thinking about the answer, I thought back to certain times when we were at home, at the kitchen table, catching some sun on the balcony, in his office chair, on the carpet in his room, at the gym…

My father spoke about the Work of God every time we had breakfast, lunch and dinner together. When the sun comes out in Sao Paulo, he steps out on the balcony of the apartment to meditate on the Bible. My father always sits in his office to read the Word of God or to write about it, and then, he calls his colleagues and talks about the Work of God. And sometimes, I find him kneeling on the carpet in his bedroom, praying. Every day in the morning, after his radio program, my father goes to the gym and does what is needed to strengthen his body…

People think that the impressive things my father has conquered are what is most admirable about him, but I say: my father is an admirable person, therefore he does what is admirable.

It is in the small routines of our daily life that we can see the great qualities of a person of God… its the dedication to his Calling, his dependence of God, the Source of his inspiration, his zeal for the Work, his perseverance during difficult moments, his practical love, his unwavering faith.

Only those who are admirable can do what is admirable.

Only those who try to be like someone that is extraordinary can take possession of the extraordinary.

And you are only admirable if you are everything you have conquered when you are at home too.

Happy birthday, Universal Church!

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