Day 17 of the Fast of Daniel

Oh, what a day!

When I first came to the Universal Church, my heart was full of anger, bitterness and resentment towards my mother and stepfather. He tried to abuse my sister, who is his biological daughter, and when I found out, I wanted him to die.

We lived in a community, so I went to speak to the overseer to tell him what my stepfather had done. It was close to Christmas, and he said that he would get his present: death. I ran to warn my mother and get her and my brothers out of the house without her husband noticing, but she ended up being on his side and told him to run away. A short time later, I found out that she was living with him again somewhere else. I couldn’t call her my mother anymore, or even say his name; I just could not forgive them.

I had fallen away from the Church, and when I returned, I went through the entire process of deliverance. But I knew one thing for sure: I never wanted to turn away from Jesus again. I knew people who had been in Church for years and, even after so many years, they maintained their faith. Yet, I wasn’t able to. I’d go for a while, but then I’d leave. I did not accept it anymore and wanted to receive the Holy Spirit very much, because I knew that only He would keep me standing before God, so I began to seek His presence.

On a Wednesday, while seeking His presence in Church, my mother and stepfather popped into my mind. I finally understood that to receive the Holy Spirit I would have to forgive.

It was very difficult, because my heart did not want to forgive at all, but I didn’t pay him any mind. I listened to the Voice of God, Who said in my head, “Forgive”. I remember my exact words were: “Lord Jesus, my heart does not want to forgive, but in obedience to You, I forgive them.” I said his name and forgave my mother. It had been a long time since I called her my mother…

A weight was taken off of my shoulders, and shortly after, I was baptized with the Holy Spirit. It was the happiest day of my life!

Oh, what a day!!!

Michele Genario

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