Day 16 of the Fast of Daniel

They despised the spiritual

Let him hear what the Spirit says

Like many, who do not want to invest in spiritual things, half of the virgins did not want to invest in the things of the Spirit either.
Most likely, they thought their religious practices were enough.
They despised the Oil that keeps the fire (faith) lit.
It is very common nowadays, for people to invest in their children’s education, the stock exchange, their career, family, relationships, etc. They are always thinking about the future. None of this is wrong. But, the spiritual is most important.
This is why we are putting all our strength into the 21 days of the Fast of Daniel.

When a person is committed to receiving the Holy Spirit, they don’t give any excuses for not doing the Fast. There are 365 days in a year, so why cant we stay away from Facebook, YouTube, TV shows and all other sorts of entertainment for 21 days? How did we live before Facebook (it was created in 2004)? What about YouTube (created in 2005)? So how can anyone say they can’t live without them? We have to invest in the spiritual.

The five foolish virgins waited for the groom, just like the wise virgins. When we compare them to those who do not invest in their spiritual life, we can see the
same attitude. When the groom arrived, their lamps had gone out and they desperately ran to buy more oil. They had money to buy oil, but preferred to keep it to invest in other things.
And why would a bride want to save money? If this happened today, she would use it to buy her wedding dress, jewelry, makeup, pay for the reception, invitations, cake, etc. And that’s exactly what many people do: they rather invest in material things, and not in spiritual things.

This is our opportunity to invest in spiritual things. And those who do not invest will lose.

When the five foolish virgins came back, the door was already closed. And, if many do not invest in pouring out their life on the Altar through sacrifice and complete surrender, they will find the door closed too. In other words, they will lose the greatest opportunity to transform their lives. Just like the foolish virgins knew where to find more oil, but did not go earlier, many know where to find the Holy Spirit, but they must seek Him now.
Do not allow your spiritual life to go out. Let’s go get the oil while there is time.

Collaborated by: Bp. Ubirajara Fonseca



Hello Bishop, how are you?
I was born in the Universal Church, but I grew among the others like tare. Though I wasn’t a common tare, because when I looked in the mirror, I saw myself as wheat. Also, I acted like “wheat” with everyone around me.
I saw and heard the pastors, and even you, speak of having a great love for God and you’d say it with such conviction that no matter how hard I tried to repeat the same words, I couldn’t understand or feel anything similar in myself.
I lived like this, lost and deceiving myself, for a long time, but by the infinite mercy of the Lord Jesus, He came down upon me with His Spirit when I was sincere and gave myself completely: body, soul and spirit.
Today I know and live this love for my Lord Jesus, a love and worship that I don’t even know how to put into words, just how marvelous it is. Today, I’m a wheat that died to the world and was born again to God, who had to hit rock bottom to wake up and decide to change.
In this Fast of Daniel, I have sought God even more, because I want to change even more to glorify Him.
For those who have not received the glorious Holy Spirit, don’t give up.
If you are discouraged, sad or thinking about quitting, it’s a sign that you’re getting close, very close to having Him descend upon you. Don’t give up now!!! When Joshua was about to enter the Promised Land, he became sad because of the death of Moses. But God strengthened him and reassured him that He would be with him just like He was with Moses. He didn’t say it would be easy, that’s why He told Joshua to be strong and courageous 3 times. So believe, it’s not easy, but the reward is worth it, because you will NEVER THIRST AGAIN!
Thank you Bishop, for never giving up and having such love for the souls.

Paulo Caesar de Castro

Congratulations to all the Bishops and Pastors of the Universal Church and to Jesus Christ, our King.

Just between us, I would like to say that I owe you so much. I was delivered from the idolatry, hanging out with the wrong crowd, drinking, suffering, depression, grief,
unhappiness, being unfaithful to my wife, etc.

Since I’m in debt, I plan on paying you back by winning souls, contributing to an outreach, etc. so as soon as I can, I’m going to put my hand on the plow and send my ox forward to plough the land.

Kind regards to everyone from the Universal Church. But lets be careful because some of our Christian “friends” and “brothers” are being used to bring down our faith, our self-esteem, discourage us, etc.

99% of them are suffering and don’t want to stop suffering. What a pity!

Hello, Bishop. I couldn’t keep from sharing this happiness with you. I’m doing the Fast of Daniel and I listen to your message everyday at noon. My focus has been the Holy Spirit. Even though I’ve been in Church for 15 years, I hadn’t drunk from the Water of the well, because I hadn’t dug deep enough. But this morning, after my husband went to work, my daughter went to school and my son went to Church, I took advantage of finding myself all alone. I went to my room and began speaking to God. I poured out my soul at the feet of my Lord, I truly humbled myself. As I confessed my flaws and mistakes, I cried a lot and recognized my faults before Him, as I asked for His forgiveness.
That’s when I was sure He forgave me. Then I began seeking the Holy Spirit like I had never done before. I said, “Lord I am thirsty and I’m not leaving my room until You give me Your Water. I cant wait for the 11th because I’m thirsty right now and You said that those who come to You, You will by no means cast out.”

So I sought Him with all my strength. Then something happened during the prayer and worship, I began to cry, but not because I was sad. I cried because I was happy. I cried and laughed at the same time. It seemed like everything else in the world stopped and at that moment, it was just my Beloved and I. It was marvelous. It was unexplainable and an immense conviction, a voice deep within me said, “Today Salvation has come to this house”.

The Holy Spirit filled me. I am saved and I can sing, “I found You at the well and will never be thirsty again.”

I thank God for your life. May He bless you each day Bishop.



Nayra Guedes Abraão
Good afternoon, Bishop. My name is Nayra, I’m 24 years old and I’ve been in Church for 2 years.
My life was completely destroyed when I first came to Church. I lost my virginity at the age of 10 and was sexually abused by an uncle at the age of 12. From that moment on, I hated everything and everyone.
I was promiscuous, not valuing my body at all. I went from bar to bar and slept with the first guy that seemed interested in me. I was full of evil spirits, an impure person.

One day, when I couldn’t take the suffering anymore, I was sitting on my bed and said to God, “Please help me. I can’t stand suffering any longer. If I continue living like this, then I prefer You take my life.” That same week, while I was cleaning my house, I found the book In the Footsteps of Jesus. This book evangelized me and opened my eyes to the truth. When I went to Church, God delivered me from all the suffering and showed me that I could find happiness.

But, the worst happened because of my disobedience. I didn’t sacrifice what God asked me for, so I remained in Church, yet far away from Him. I went as far as manifesting at home and having sexual intercourse with an evil spirit, who promised to leave a seed in me.
Bishop, I know God is merciful and forgives me, even though I’m a sinner, have flaws, am selfish, proud and sometimes doubtful, but I determined that I would receive the Holy Spirit during this Fast. However, there’s something that bothers me and I need to get rid of this doubt.
One time, an evil spirit said I had blasphemed against the Holy Spirit, and in fact, one day, a thought came into my head where I said something offensive towards the Holy Spirit. Bishop, it’s written that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. Can someone lose their salvation and remain alive?!

My friend, don’t allow this diabolical accusation to get to you. If you had sinned against the Holy Spirit, you wouldn’t be trying to get rid of these doubts. If you want to get rid of the doubts, it’s because there is faith in you. This faith comes from the Spirit of God.
Another thing that is very important is that evil thoughts against the Holy Spirit have nothing to do with blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Thoughts come, and thoughts go. They are inevitable; it is impossible to stop them from coming. But when they come, we have the power to praise the Lord Jesus and rebuke them.
Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is for example: willfully degrading things related to God or cursing Him.
Is that what you did? I’m sure it wasn’t. Therefore, remain calm because God is with you, as long as you continue with Him.

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