Converted or Convinced?

Good morning, Bishop Macedo!

It has been 2 years and 6 months since I was raised as a warrior of God again. I had fallen away from this work and suffered like a mouse in the hands of a cat. First were the addictions, mainly alcohol and pornographic movies. I had been married for almost 25 years, and only being with my wife no longer satisfied me, I had to have other ways to satisfy myself sexually, which almost caused us to break up because of my rebelliousness and shamelessness.

My finances were reduced to nothing, even though I was still firmly attending Church. This was what made me fall away from the Lord Jesus. The devil used close relatives to sow wrong thoughts in my head, they said it was wrong to challenge God about my finances, and because I listened to them, I went bankrupt. After being an assistant for 8 years, since you came to inaugurate the cathedral on September 7th until 2006, I was able to do things by the strength of my own arm. I thought that I had an encounter with Jesus, but the truth was that I was only convinced about Jesus.

Bishop, I suffered a lot because I was away from the Church for 5 years. Every once in a while I would go to Church, but I never stayed because I was embarrassed to have been an assistant. After several comings and goings, I was able to return to the Church for a couple of months and I even started evangelizing again, but this was when the devil rose up and killed my younger brother with 3 shots to the head and chest. I couldn’t deal with this situation, so I fell again. All I did was drink and cry, because he was a very beloved brother. One year later, my father died of various illnesses, and once again, it was almost impossible for me to get through this situation. In late 2011, I went to your blog and read this message: “We don’t choose to come into this world, but we have the right to choose where to spend eternity.”

A couple of days later, my wife had a ruptured aneurysm, which means instant or near death. When I received this news, I called out to the Lord Jesus in my affliction and He answered. It was the longest 30 days of my life. I went from my house to the hospital, from the hospital to the Church. Her treatments brought on great battles, but I was able to count on the help of the pastors of the Universal Church.

The doctors said she could possibly die, or if she lived, she would have many side effects and would be in a vegetative state. In addition, she would need to take 12 different medicines for the rest of her life. This was when I remembered the time you came here to Curitiba and said that everything was possible to those who believe and that God was faithful to make the impossible happen. So, I did not listen to what the doctors said, I simply believed in the Word of God, which had been spoken through you. My life was 100% in the hands of God, and a miracle happened: my wife was healed; I was delivered from all the filth this rotten world offers; I began evangelizing again; we conquered a blessed life. Of course I’m never going to settle for a life filled with limits because I know that God can give me much more. Today, my wife does not take any kind of medicine, I was raised as an assistant again, after being delivered, and my wife was also raised as an assistant on January 19th.

We’re doing the work of God here in Curitiba, in the regional headquarters of Santa Rita. I regret falling away, because I believe that if I had stayed, today I would be a pastor of the Universal Church, since this has always been my biggest dream, though I am 42-years-old. I’ve kept this dream to myself, this is the first time I’m sharing it.

The day you came here to Curitiba to inaugurate the land – which will soon be another masterpiece of the Universal Church –, you said we would be victorious and that we would conquer everything and everyone through faith and sacrifice. These words gave me even more courage and determination to invest in my dream. Before, my wife was against it, but after she converted, doing the work of God became her dream as well. I believe that God is always in control of my life and through you, the bishops and pastors of the Universal Church I’ll always be in newness of life and experiencing the miracles described in His Word.
Certainly my family and I will be at the inauguration of the Cathedral of Curitiba. My compliments to you and all the bishops of the Universal Church in Brazil and throughout the world. Thanks again for helping us overcome our greatest fears and doubts.


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