Climbing the ladder to success

My debts were sky high and I didn’t have a stable job. I had to go from one job to another. One time I was working for a company and there was a problem on the job. I was the one they picked on. I was fired for no reason. I told myself, I don’t need this. I will start my own business. I made flyers and business cards. I started giving them out.


Attending meetings for prosperity on Mondays at the UCKG helped me a lot. I received practical tools in order to grow financially. From there, I started climbing the ladder. Along the way I faced many battles, obstacles and challenges but by using my faith and the practical teachings at the Universal Church I was able to persevere and overcome. The doors started to open.
Today I am blessed financially and my painting business is growing. My debts are gone. I’ve also conquered a brand new house. My financial life just keeps getting better and better and I owe it all to God.

Felix St. Rose

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