7 Men of God, 7 Powerful Prayers

With that in mind, can you imagine how much the prayer of 7 men of God can do? Whether you are sick, cursed, stuck, confused or facing an impossible problem, these events will definitely help you find the way out. Come experience the power of God. Check the schedule below; the 7 men of God might be stopping by

Open Air Night Vigil

At one of the darkest times in his life, God asked Abraham to do something simple; to step out of his tent and take a look at the starts. What was God’s idea? How would that be of any help? The answer is just as simple as the request itself; to understand God’s greatness and

The Great Wedding Feast

How many times have you felt despised and devalued, or felt unworthy before your relatives or friends? There are many who often feel worthless in society. They look around and face situations where they question their value. On top of the way they are treated by others, they believe they don’t deserve to happy, loved

Addiction Cleansing Therapy

When we think of the word “addiction”, illegal drugs and excessive alcohol consumption come to mind; while it is true that these are more commonly known, the truth is that nowadays, countless addictive substances and activities surround us. IT AFFECTS EVERYONE It not only has a devastating effect on the individual but also on their

The Love Walk

The idea of the Love Walk is to encourage married couples and singletons to communicate. Can two walk together, unless they are agreed? – says the Bible in Amos 3:3. Marriage is a long journey. If there is no agreement, how can a couple walk together? And how can there be agreement if they do

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday marks the triumphant entry of the Lord Jesus into Jerusalem in the week before His death and resurrection. Those who want to show the Lord Jesus how much He means to them are likewise invited to lay down their ‘clothes’ in a spiritual sense, by presenting their lives as a special offering to Him.