Comment about Peter Sword

Very strong, Bishop! This week I have been reading and meditating a lot about this subject. Peter had the sword because he did not see Jesus as He truly was. As long as we do not see Jesus for who He truly is, and this only happens after we have an encounter with Him, we

Change your mindset

Good morning, Bishop! I’m not here to ask for anything, I just want to share my testimony of what happened in my life. In the beginning of June 2016, I unexpectedly discovered two thyroid nodules in my 12-year-old son (Leonardo). He is the son of a doctor and a soccer athlete, our only child. I

Get this off my chest

Good morning, Bishop! I’m sorry, but I have to get this off my chest… Yesterday, I was surprised by the things I saw on several media outlets. It’s nothing that I haven’t seen or heard before, since coming to the Universal Church. Stories about the Church don’t usually catch my attention, but this one was

The 9th of Av

Good morning, Bishop! This week in synagogue, Jews start reading Deuteronomy and the beginning of Isaiah. We meet during the three weeks of mourning for Jerusalem, which began on the 17th of the Jewish month of Tammuz (July 23) – when the walls of Jerusalem were destroyed –, and goes until the 9th of the

Gold medal

Good morning, Bishop! I was watching the medal ceremony for a couple of categories in the Olympics. When an athlete receives a gold medal and the anthem of their country plays, some cry with emotion. I think that at that moment the medalist remembers all the struggles, obstacles, difficulties, preparation, commitment and sacrifice he made

Unreserved love

Good morning, Bishop! We were meditating about Abraham’s obedience. When we speak about the sacrifice of his only son, Isaac, we can’t imagine the depth of his actions. For us, having children is common, but in that time and culture, having a son meant a lot, because he was the guarantee of the future of

Our Bread

I want to share that I have been in the Universal Church for almost two years, and during this time, I never took anything seriously. This happened for many reasons. In October, I decided to focus on Jesus, but I was without direction and got lost. I did not know how to read the Bible,

An amazing experience

Dear Bishop, I sincerely appreciate the opportunity of actively participated in the design, construction and inauguration of the Cathedral. On Sunday, May 1st, I was present at the inauguration meeting of the Cathedral. It was the first time I attended a meeting at the Universal Church, and it happened during such an important moment for