I stopped being an atheist

Bishop Edir Macedo,

I am very grateful to you for introducing me to a Faith that I had never heard of, an intelligent Faith. It was through this Faith that I stopped being an atheist.  Yes, I was an atheist, and there was no convincing me that I was wrong.

Whenever I heard someone mention your name or the Universal Church, it made me angry. This is when someone gave me a book, the first volume of Nothing to Lose, which I read with great resistance. It’s impressive because I couldn’t put the book down. I have read the three volumes and was baptized in water here in the Cathedral of Fortaleza – CE.

Rational Faith, In the Footsteps of Jesus, The Faith of Abraham and other books that I read confirm how much God is with you and the best thing I did in my life was to walk into a Universal Church.

I am grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to walk with Him, and I thank you because it was through your life that my life changed. Today, I am almost married, thanks to the Love Therapy meetings. My financial life is prospering, and God is shaping my life.

May God continue to bless you more and more, Bishop Odivan, who is here today in Fortaleza and the other bishops and pastors because they are true messengers of God on this earth.


Tiago Jedson

The tree planted by the Father

When fire spreads through a forest, everyone runs. All the animals try to escape.

The birds fly to another place. Even the lion, though he is strong, dominant and feared among the other animals in the forest, also runs. The only one that does not run away is the tree.

The fire asks the tree:

—Tree, everyone ran away, so why aren’t you running?

The tree answers:

—I am a tree that was planted by God. You will pass through me, burn my fruits and leaves, but after some time I will flourish again because you cannot burn my roots. My branches, leaves, and fruits will appear again, because the tree that is planted by God cannot be uprooted, or killed.

The Most High will sustain us during all of our lives on this earth.

Whatever fire may come, we will stand firm, because we are trees that were planted by God. So, no matter what situation we go through, our roots are instilled in Him who can do everything.

The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree, he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bear fruit in old age; they shall be fresh and flourishing… Psalm 92.12-14

Bishop, God bless you more and more!

Chile prays for you and Mrs. Esther.

I hated Bishop Macedo even though I did not know him

Good morning, Bishop Macedo!

My name is Claudete Sebben and I live in Maryland, United States since 1986, but it was only in 2001 that my life began to change, or rather, it was when I began to live.

When I lived in Brazil, I was against the Universal Church and I hated you, to the point of taking my mother out of the Church. Until one day, my suffering and despair became unbearable, but this happened here in the United States. I had a debt of more than five hundred thousand dollars. I had to share an apartment with several people, because I couldn’t afford my own apartment. I was in total misery.

On a Monday, I finally gave in and walked into the Universal Church in the city of Washington. I was upset, but I went in. And to this day, I have continued doing my chain of prayer for prosperity!

When I arrived at the Universal Church, I was cleaning houses, painting walls, waitressing, and I even worked at a beauty salon; as you can see, I did not hold down any job. My life was undefined and yet, I HATED THE UNIVERSAL CHURCH AND YOU, BISHOP MACEDO, EVEN THOUGH I DID NOT KNOW YOU.

Today, I love this Work and the Universal Church family, this family that you and I are a part of!

Despite the economic downfall in the US, our company MK Catering, is doing well and that doesn’t sit well with many of our competitors, which have been around for more than twenty years. Lately, we’ve served famous people like the wife of former President Clinton and actor Michael Douglas.

Besides all this, I have conquered an import and export company. I have an apartment, my dream home and, above all, my communion with God. All this, bishop, is the result of my FAITH.

I’m sure that if I had not come to the Universal Church and listened and learned from the pastors and bishops how to put my faith in action and how to fight against evil forces, I would not be the Claudete that I am today.

Bishop, on February 9, I will be at the launch of your biography, “Nothing to Lose” in New York. I had a debt of five hundred thousand dollars, so I’ll be buying five hundred books to give to friends, employees and even the authorities of this country.

Bishop, thank God for your existence and for the Universal Church family.

The wise of this world

“After watching your TV program for such a long time, yesterday I decided to put an end to my curiosity. I was at the meeting and found out that I am one of the wise of this world.

I am an administrator and ran a company in Switzerland, but due to various problems, I returned to Brazil separated, unemployed and living back at my parent’s house. This was such a humiliation and setback in my life.

Every word you spoke was like a “slap” of truth. And while the woman was giving her testimony, my soul writhed, because clearly, she has fewer studies than me, yet she has everything I had and lost.

What caught my attention the most was the happiness in her eyes, something I never truly had, not even when I lived in Switzerland and was doing well. I did not go to the Altar because I did not want to be recognized, but I’m already participating in the Israel Challenge. I left there with peace, which is something I hadn’t felt for years. I thought they would steal my money, but they stole my despair, and I want to thank you for that.”

Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men. For you see your calling, brethren, that not many wise according to the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called. But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty. 1 Corinthians 1.25-27

How the Jewish see Tithes

Bishop, I would like to share with you something interesting that happened here. A woman who attends the Church, but was unfaithful to God with her tithes, has a client that is Jewish.

After finding out that he is very wealthy, she asked him if he believed and gave his tithes. His answer was a real awakening. He said that giving 10% is very little because, according to him, giving only what is written is like fulfilling a religious duty. He does not give 10%, but rather he gives 30%! He also said that often, without planning, he takes EVERYTHING he earns and puts it on the Altar.

She asked him what happens when he gives everything? And his answer was: Do you think I have less or that I am in need? Not at all! The God of Abraham multiplies much more.

Then she asked him if he had heard about the Temple of Solomon and he said that he has Jewish friends who live in Sao Paulo and have been to the Temple. They’ve assured him that the God of Israel is there because they had an extraordinary experience there.

The Jewish man also said that he will visit the Temple and is already preparing a very special offering to offer at the Temple. He said the following: I am preparing a beautiful gift for my God!

This is very strong, bishop! They are aware of the Altar, which is where life changes, victories are conquered and everything is transformed. The word impossible does not exist on the Altar. Everything is possible on the Altar!

We pray that everyone receives this understanding and are richly blessed.

7 thousand youths gather in Brasilia

Though the media does not get tired of showing the youth of our country being enslaved by so much evil, the UCKG Youth Group has transformed the lives of thousands of people. For example, last Saturday, more than seven thousand youths gathered in Brasilia, for the “Know how to say No” event.

To celebrate such a special day, the event was held on the future site of the Cathedral of the Universal Church in Brasilia. There were dance, theater and music presentations.

Bishop Marcello Brayner, responsible for the Youth Group work in Brazil, led the meeting. He alerted the youths to run from the slavery of this world. “It doesn’t matter how bad your problem is, if you are being called, take advantage of this opportunity. Make yourself chosen, by surrounding wholeheartedly on the Altar.” Read what the Bible says:

Were you called while a slave? Do not be concerned about it; but if you can be made free, rather use it. 1 Corinthians 7.21

Many youths, who had their lives restored, shared their testimony during the event. Like Hiorrane, who was involved with prostitution, crime and drugs. Tired of suffering, she decided to accept the invitation to go to the Universal Church. She thought she would be discriminated because of her appearance, like she had been at another church she visited, but when she was invited to join the Youth Group, she found help. After completely surrendering to the Altar, her life was fully transformed.

Living an appearance

Mrs. Cris, How are you?

I’ve always wanted to talk to you, so I couldn’t miss this opportunity! I know you receive many messages every day through social media, right? However, I had the privilege of personally giving you this letter!!!

I am writing to let you know how much the Universal Church has and is contributing to my growth as a human being, especially in regards to my Salvation! And you play a fundamental role in this development! LOL

The truth is that everything, absolutely everything, was set to go wrong in my life, because like thousands of girls, I grew up in a broken home! In my case, the damage was internal, just like the dirt that is hidden under the rug, you know? I grew up in a quiet town, in a nice house with my parents and sisters.

My parents were very well-respected by everyone in our town, especially for their looks and level of education, guarded by values and principles, which they purposefully passed down to us. You will understand later why I have written these words in bold!

Growing up, we always had many clothes, shoes and toys. My mother would dress us in our finest clothes and parade us around town, where we were known as the “Nenem’s daughters “.  My Dad was the chief of the civil court, a position he was really proud of. He was well-respected and admired, not to mention that we had financial stability.

But, you know, for a long time I did not see this financial stability, because our father was always in great debt, owing to moneylenders. However, whenever there was a party in our town there he was entering into more debt, buying a lot of clothes and shoes to “parade” us through town! My dad always loved my Mom, but he was too insecure, to the point of neglecting her. He never gave her a compliment, so mom made up for his lack of acknowledgement outside our home, because everyone in the street recognized her beauty.

We grew up in a home where I had to be the best student, the best in everything, a reference. A true example in behavior, beauty, I was always told that I had to stand out! This was the root of being enslaved by the appearance of being something I wasn’t. My mom spent hours and hours making customized book covers for us, our books had covers with our pictures, etc. and because of this we were often ridiculed at school. We were so harassed in school that we found out our mom left us because our classmates started making jokes. Yes! It was true! Mom left us to come live in São Paulo.

I came home and found dad looking like a zombie with red eyes, troubled and without saying a word! I was about ten years old, and I had to become a mother to my sisters! Dad forbade us to talk to mom for about two years. During that period we suffered with our mom’s absence, we were teased and gossiped about and we also had to deal with dad’s depression, who showed resentment and despise for my mom whenever he could. I remember that we where forbidden to speak to all of our relatives on my mom’s side! And my sisters and I obeyed!

Once, when my mom came to Paratinga, Bahia (my hometown) to visit us, my dad grabbed me by one arm and my mom grabbed the other. Both were pulling at me, arguing about who should stay with me. I think that’s when I noticed the chaos the devil caused in my family. As a teenager I decided to live with my mom in São Paulo so I could go to school. I got my degree in law from PUC – SP. During that time, my mom abandoned me about four times, with each new stepfather, she left me to live with him.

When my sisters came to Sao Paulo, we each started our own home with lots of resentment in our heart. Our Dad’s advice was strongly instilled in us: “Study! Work and be independent! Make your own money! What matters is that you have money in your wallet, because men are worthless and unreliable!”

It’s not difficult to guess what happened, right? All our lack of affection (mine and my sisters) forced us into frustrated, problematic relationships especially because we sought to fill that void with a companion. We were in unhealthy relationships! I, for example, was engaged to a man just because I thought it was nice that his family sat at the table together for breakfast. And even after being humiliated, betrayed, I remained in this relationship, because I didn’t want to return to the reality of my home.

Mrs. Cris, you can now understand why it was impossible to get married, be happy, have principals, and solid family values; this is, to be in the presence of God today! Did you know where I found the mom I never had? The Holy Spirit used the Universal Church to give me a mother in the faith. Through your posts and meetings, my void was filled! Today, my greatest pleasure is to be a housewife! Since I studied Language Arts, after joining Godllywood, I began to write and inspired by your teachings, I began to write a blog.

And that young woman who aspired all her life to have a professional career, a good job, because she thought that meant happiness; today wants to be what God placed inside of her. Today I evangelize with my husband. I am taking classes to become an assistant and I feel in my heart the desire to serve on the Altar. I know there is an age requirement, but I also know that for God nothing is impossible, and that He can use my husband and I wherever and whenever He desires, right?

Thank you, thank you and thank you for being an instrument of the Lord Jesus to teach us that to receive is a consequence of who we are, and that is in the Hands of God! As far as we can be useful, count on us!

May God, our Lord, bless you abundantly!

Kisses! And as you always teach us, in faith!

PS: I forgot to tell you about two things I conquered: besides being an evangelist, I am a volunteer in the Rahab Project along with Mrs. Carlinda and it has been a blessing! And I recently graduated from Godllywood!!!

Holiday Season

Christmas signs are up in the streets, stores are announcing sales, and the days are flying by into the Holidays. During this time, families come together, and people look forward to the long-awaited break from a busy schedule.

On the flip side, the end of the year is also a painful time for many who have lost loved ones, who lost their jobs, who barely have enough to buy gifts to their children, who experienced a break up in a long- term relationship, and those who will face the cold weather without having a home to keep them warm. Unfortunately, this time of the year makes these differences the more noticeable and painful.

The emotions of the season can also serve as a trap for many families. Overspending and creating new accounts, making debts that will take many years to pay, placing families in a financial instability for the sake of following standards that do not add to the well-being of the family. Stores need to make money; after all, the holiday season is that time of the year that brings much revenue to them. There is nothing wrong with that. Nevertheless, families need to be aware of what adds to and what takes away from their joy and well- being.

So, how to face this season and make the most out of it regardless of your situation and struggles in life?

Here are a few tips to help you with this holiday season:

• Leave the past behind and look forward. Learn from past mistakes, but do not dwell in them anymore.

• Seek counseling and inner healing from traumas and losses. At The Universal Church, we offer free counseling, a free inner healing course for women, and also many groups focused on helping you to overcome and live a fulfilled life.

• Forgive and let go. You will be doing yourself a favor. Don’t become a prisoner of someone else’s wrongdoing.

• Do you remember a family member or friend that added so much to your life, but you have not spoken to them? Call them, and pay them a visit.

• Give and be kind. You will be surprised that the more you give of yourself to God and others, the more you will receive.

• Prioritize your spiritual life and your family. Gifts and celebrations are temporary, but your soul is eternal. Take care of your soul. Connect with God and make Him the foundation of your family.

• Avoid spending what you do not have. Remember, there are more important things in life. Think about the long run and don’t be deceived by the emotions of the season. Much of it does not have anything to do with God or your happiness.

• Take this time that your busy schedule gives you a break, and analyze your year, how it has been, what could you do differently next year. Make goals.

• Take this time to rest your body and mind and enjoy your loved ones.

Remember, you are not alone, God has not left you, and He wants to help you. Come to the house of prayer and bring your problems, worries and pain to His Altar. He will take care of you. It’s a challenge!

A family that prays together stays together. Visit a Universal Church near you and join us this Sunday at 10 am to pray for your family. For more information, call our national helpline now: 1-877-785-8700.

Practical Faith

I was diagnosed with hypertension 25 years ago, when I was 30 years old. At the time, I was living in the United States and kept my annual checkups up-to-date to make sure my blood pressure was normal.

During one of the visits to the cardiologist, after an electrocardiogram, he told me I had a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is a myocardial (heart muscle) disease. This happens when a portion of the heart becomes enlarged. The same way an arm muscle grows when you lift weights, the heart muscle grows due to hypertension or genetic causes.

When someone is diagnosed with hypertrophy of the heart, there is no “cure” through medications. You can prevent the disease from getting worse, but it cannot be reversed. In addition, as the anomaly progresses, it can cause a heart attack, stroke or cardiac arrhythmia, which can lead to sudden death.

When I returned to Brazil 18 months ago, I went to a cardiologist who, through an echocardiogram, confirmed the anomaly. I told my wife that I did not accept this problem and determined a change. I began drinking the Treatment water on Sunday mornings with the conviction that I would be healed!

During the penultimate echocardiogram, the cardiologist said that the thickening of the heart muscle was regressing and its measurements no longer offered any apparent risks.

Seven months later, I did another echocardiogram and the doctor confirmed finding no abnormalities. He did not understand what had happened, but there was nothing abnormal about my heart. The ventricle wall, which was previously thickened, is completely normal, as if nothing had ever happened. The ventricle measurements are perfect, like any other person.

I am sharing my testimony so that everyone can see, though I am on the Altar, we can also get sick, but like everyone else, we use our faith, the same way we teach it and miracles happen.

I am completely healed of a myocardial hypertrophy, for the honor and glory of the Lord Jesus!

The Wonders of God in Argentina

Good morning, Bishop!
I was speaking with the pastors that are responsible for the Work throughout the states of Argentina, and they began sharing the wonderful testimonies of people who were blessed when you challenged them to test the Word of God, via videoconference from Buenos Aires to all of Argentina. You referred to Psalm 19.7:


“The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul…”


Yanina Góngora, from Mar del Plata city, was among these people:

YaninaGongora-Mar-del-Plata“Three weeks ago, I returned to the Universal Church. I had a void that couldn’t be filled by anything. Bishop Macedo’s words touched me in such a way that I decided to stop using drugs, drinking, hanging out with the wrong crowd and end a relationship that was contrary to the will of God.

When the Bishop challenged us to test the Word of God, I decided to get baptized in water. Today I am a different Yanina.”






Mrs. Esther Sánchez, 63, was suffering with pain since she was 17. She tells us:

EsterSanchez-LaRioja“When I arrived at the meeting, I was feeling a lot of pain in my back and hips. I suffered from osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and scoliosis, which prevented me from walking. I could barely stand during the meeting. But when Bishop Macedo prayed, saying that if God was there, something had to happen, I put all my faith in the Word and received proof that It is true, because all the pain disappeared. It was incredible! Today I am healed and very happy.”





From the city of Rio Cuarto, more than 600 km away from Buenos Aires, Maria Saldivia tells us:
FabianSalasemae1“My daughter had been bedridden for over a week. She could not get up. We went to several doctors, who prescribed medicine, but her condition did not change. I called her before the meeting and she was still in the same situation. When the Bishop cried out to God, I prayed in her favor and charged an answer through the Word of God. When the meeting ended, I called her again; she was healed and walking.”

One month ago, Fabian Dario Salas came to the Universal Church addicted to alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and LSD. He was angry and aggressive. He was determined to take his own life, when his mother found him on the train tracks. However, on Sunday, when Bishop Macedo challenged those who had faith to surrender their lives on the Altar 100%, Fabian made the most important decision of his life: surrender to God and be baptized in water. His soul was restored and he decided not to return to the addictions. “I am a new man after participating in this meeting, because I made a pact with God.”


Mr. Daniel Gonzalez is another example:

DanielGonzalez-Boulogne“Bishop Macedo’s words opened my eyes, because I realized that I had used my revolt for many things, such as being delivered from addictions and to solve problems in my family, but I had never thought of using it to receive the Holy Spirit. When the Bishop invited us to test the Word of God, I revolted against that situation and charged God for His Holy Spirit, and this time I was baptized with the Holy Spirit.”






Rocio Romero, from the province of Santa Fe, says:

RocioRomero-SantaFe“When the Bishop asked us to put the Word of God to the test, I took the Bible and told God that if He wanted me as His servant, He had to give me His Spirit at that moment, because it is written that those who ask will receive. I received Him that Sunday; I was baptized with the Holy Spirit. It was the first time in 3 years that I left the Church with the conviction that God is in me.”






Bishop, about 5,500 people throughout the country decided to get baptized in water.
There was Salvation!

May God bless you, Mrs. Esther and all of your family.