Bulletproof marriage, lesson learned

Someone once said that a good teacher not only teaches, but transforms”. Based on this principle, it is possible to say that Renato and Cristiane are among the best teachers in the country.

As the hosts of “The Love School”, the couple uses their TV program as it should be used: a helpful and fun tool, tailored to the audience that follows them.

Another of the couple’s merit is their choice to focus on families as their target audience. Political parties teach their members; churches teach their congregation; schools teach their students. Teaching families, however, is investing in the foundation of civilization.

Technically well executed and implemented with targeted guidelines, “The Love School” has as trump the fact that it is 100% real, which makes it approachable to the public. The show is not based around elaborate themes, but of everyday dilemmas and, with this formula, it triumphs where many TV hits fail. They are able to establish a “solid bridge” with its viewers.

It is true that, as TV presenters, Renato and Cristiane are still in the crawling phase, but the proposal of this attraction leaves it very clear that the couple does not mean to entertain, but to teach. They are not performers, they are teachers. And the best part: they make it clear, at all times, their position as eternal students.

At school, I met teachers who dominated in their field, but were unable to tame their own ego. As a result, their classes were perfect, but hollow, and their relationship with the students was distant and empty.

Renato and Cristiane, however, share their own experiences, as well as their failures. At no time do they say they’re perfect, but prove to be striving for perfection. Both of their stances are captivating and, above all, sincere, which serves one of today’s greatest needs.

The highlight of “The Love School”, however, is not the performance of its hosts, but the impact of their lessons. They do not aim to lure you in with what is reaped, but with what is sowed.

The high number of testimonies is impressive and it’s no exaggeration to say that the show – together with the book “Bulletproof Marriage” and other material produced by Renato and Cristiane – is rewriting the story of thousands of people.

It is impossible to predict the effects of a restored marriage. To the naked eye, it seems to generate the happiness of two people, which is already something amazing in itself, but actually its impact goes way beyond this.

A restored marriage generates emotionally healthy children, which, in turn, will transmit this experience to their own children, and so on. The change in a home can benefit an entire generation and, ultimately, an entire society.

Many say that education is the solution to crime, and the truth is that it is, though it’s not the only solution. There is another solution called love, and this cannot be learned in schools, but in homes.

Children of divorced parents know how difficult it is to face this reality. Those who grew up listening to their parents exchange grievances and complaints know this as well. Wouldn’t it be nice to see their parents living another reality? That’s why the “The Love School”, besides many other reasons, deserves a round of applause.

Some hated this text and will say (as if reporting a crime): “They are from the Universal Church. She is Edir Macedo’s daughter. ”

Well, it doesn’t matter if they’re from the Universal Church. They could have been Catholics, spiritualists, Adventists, Umbandists or even atheists. If they are doing good, then they are not serving evil. If someone gives me good advice, I am not going to ask them their father’s name, I’m just going to say thank you”.

Renato and Cristiane make it very clear that their religious option does not compromise their social functions.

I have forgotten much of the content I learned in school, during class. Some teachers, however, I will never forget, because in the end, what matters is not the theory, but the practice. And when it comes to this, Renato and Cristiane seem to deserve the highest grade possible.

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