Who wants the Spirit of God?

Whoever wants to receive the Spirit of God during this Fast of Daniel will have to pay the right price. Those who have not yet received Him cannot blame God. We know that there is always a price to pay when we want to see the realization of a dream; there is always a sacrifice to be made… Unfortunately, if there is a lack of effort or lack of commitment dreams cannot be achieved.

The outpouring of the Spirit of God on the Day of Pentecost required the obedience of the disciples. They could not absent themselves from Jerusalem. They had to wait for the Father’s Promise (Acts 1.4). The fact that they were eyewitnesses to the resurrection of the Son of God was not enough to privilege them with the Baptism. They had to pay the price of not leaving Jerusalem until the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Why did they have to wait in Jerusalem? I believe that obedience was proof of their faith. And, in fact, not all of them were sealed that day. Out of more than five hundred eyewitnesses of the Lord’s resurrection, within a period of forty days, only one hundred and twenty were approved to receive the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.

The same applies to today’s disciples regarding the return of the Lord Jesus. Whoever does not maintain obedience to the Word of God will be left out in the same way the five foolish virgins were (Matthew 25). There will be no excuses.

Those who have the power and obey will sound the trumpets because they are wise.

21 Days of the Fast of Daniel.

Beginning on 02/09 (Thursday at 12:00am) until 03/01 (Wednesday at 11:59pm).

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