Be careful with the open window

The woman mauled to death by a lion in South Africa worked on the Game of Thrones series.

News spread like a wildfire in the woods on Monday morning. The 22-year-old American woman was pulled from the car by a lion in the Lion Park in Johannesburg.

I have personally been there several times, and there is no way you can ignore the many warnings signs: “Keep windows closed at all times “, “Stay in your car”. Each section of the camp has the same warning signs.

The signs are big and have bright colors that indicate the danger of coming face to face with the lions and lionesses without the proper precautions.

As in the Lion Park, the Holy Bible is replete with warnings that are not only meant to protect us, but are also able to transform our life and our future.

Let me remind you of one of these warnings: Look to Abraham your father, and to Sarah who bore you; for I called him alone, and blessed him and increased him. Isaiah 51.2

This promise is there as a very important warning: If you look to Abraham, your life will change. If you follow his example your future will change. If you live and practice the FAITH of Abraham, you will be part of a nation of winners. A nation that has never or will ever be defeated in battle. That’s right, it’s as certain as the air we breathe!

But unfortunately, like that young American woman, many who call themselves Christians continue to ignore the warning: Look to Abraham…, this is why they are in the church begging bread and being pushed around by the devil, humiliated and having their dreams shattered for ignoring such a simple warning.

At this very moment, here’s the Holy Spirit warning you again. Do not give place to the devil or doubts, whether the doubts are about yourself or about the promises of God!

I had the opportunity to visit a farm here in Johannesburg that had young lions up to 2 years of age, which had not developed their hunting instincts yet. The guides gave us instructions before letting us in with the lions to ensure our safety, I’ll tell you about 3 of them:

  1. You can never walk alone, because a lion will always look for those who stray from the group. Those who are alone (away from the faith) appear to be easy prey.
  1. You can never bend over (doubt) to tie your shoelaces, because the lion will consider himself bigger or taller than you and will attack.
  1. During the walk, we must have a stick in our hands (the Word of God), which is tied to our fist. If the stick falls down, we cannot bend down to pick it up. If a lion approaches, we have to raise the stick up in front of us and speak firmly, or even hit the lion’s nose and he will back away, but only if we speak firmly (authority).

In other words, we must always remain out of the lions’ reach, because their instinct is to hunt, and that is exactly what they will do with those who ignore the warnings and instructions.

The devil is like a lion, waiting for an opportunity to attack. Those who look to Abraham have an advantage over the devil, poverty, weakness and defeat.

If the young American woman had kept her car window closed, she would have been enjoying looking at the pictures she’d taken at the Lion Park. Likewise, if you look to Abraham, you will enjoy a life of victories and achievements. Achievements that will make your countenance reveal the splendor of an abundant life.

Therefore, do not forget to look to Abraham!

Note: If you decide to visit us here in South Africa and go to the Lion Park, make sure to close your car windows.

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