The curse of depression

Depression is neither a fatality nor a condemnation. Depression is the state of despair of the soul. Unfortunately, those who suffer with depression do not see it as a problem of the soul. And the more acute the level of depression is the greater the soul cries for help. Symptoms of Depression Imagine someone who,

Universal Perfume vs. Universal Thorn

The Universal Perfume song marked our lives. It brought us comfort among the many trials we suffered when we found Christ. The Church grew and became stronger day after day. We saw strong and determined assistants. Pastors overflowed with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. One person’s problem was everyone’s problem. It was a time

Why has evil prevailed

Why has evil prevailed in the lives of many people who profess faith in God? Why are the lives of so many sincere believers a living hell, even though they attend church and sometimes even hold a position of trust and prominence among the congregation? Jesus said: “…you are Peter, and on this rock I

The tree planted by the Father

When fire spreads through a forest, everyone runs. All the animals try to escape. The birds fly to another place. Even the lion, though he is strong, dominant and feared among the other animals in the forest, also runs. The only one that does not run away is the tree. The fire asks the tree:

Serving God without God

There is nothing worse than the spirit of deception. He has been acting for thousands of years, sometimes even as an angel of light. He infiltrates in an unnoticeable way, and only those who have the Holy Spirit have the discernment to notice his tricks. The spirit of deceit has already been in the light

Soul Trade

The numbers released by the State Department of Health this week show that about FOUR women die, PER DAY, after going to the hospital to seek help for complications due to a recent abortion. Before this information was released, the official numbers reported were only one woman dying, for this reason, every two days. This

The greatness of God’s purity

It is nothing new to those who are of faith that God is strong and sovereign; however, what many are unaware of is the source of this strength, from which flows great sovereignty. Our God is pure, genuine, transparent, without contamination, nothing more than what He truly is. There is no middle ground or partiality

The tree of death

As long as Adam and Eve obeyed God, they lived in perfect harmony and peace in the Garden of Eden. Death did not exist. The animals did not feed on other animals to survive because their food, like humans, came only from the fruit of the earth. To continue living under these circumstances, all they