Another restored Altar

Good morning, Bishop!

My name is Maria da Gracas Laporais.
Two years ago, when there was a purpose to bring former assistants to Universal TV program, my daughter wrote you an email, asking you to help to me.

The e-mail was a cry for help because I was in a very difficult situation at the time; it was life or death. Why? When I first came to the UCKG, my finances and love life were completely destroyed, but what actually caused the most pain was my love life.

I sought help in witchcraft, tarots etc. At the UCKG, I went through the deliverance process and everything changed within. I was blessed and was even raised as an assistant. I stayed for two years, but because I didn’t have patience and was influenced by a couple of assistants, I allowed my emotions to get the best of me and married the wrong person. This is where my suffering began, which was due to disobeying my pastor at that time.

Bishop, because of this disobedience, my first altar was destroyed and remained that way for 20 years. I smoked, drank, was promiscuous, and all this happened while I was still in Church, participating in the Lord’s Supper, paying tithes and giving offerings, yet my life was in ruins.

This brought on several health problems. There was a tingly sensation all over and sharp pains pierced throughout my body. So much so, that to sleep or rest a little, I would slump over the washing machine. I could not sleep at night, so I took a very high dose of sleeping pills on a daily basis, but it still did not help. I was starting to go crazy.

I also wanted to commit suicide. I reached a point where I had to ask my husband to hide the kitchen knives because I heard the devil’s voice telling me to go get them and kill myself.

In addition, a doctor diagnosed me with Alzheimer’s. As a nurse, I said, “How can I have Alzheimer’s if I know what the symptoms are and I don’t have any of them?” I figured this was just one more thing that had to happen in my life and it was a spiritual problem.

My daughter prayed for me over the phone, because she was doing the Work of God in another country. She always fought with the devil over my soul. She knew I wanted to be free, but I didn’t have the strength. So when the Israel Challenge came around, she became revolted against my situation. She saw a picture of me and it was clear that the devil was in my life.

She went to the Altar and sacrificed in my favor; it was all or nothing. I remember she said to me, “Mom, either God is going to transform you, or you won’t live through this night, because I no longer accept this situation. I don’t accept to see the devil stamped all over your face, and see you suffer so much!”

She sacrificed three months for me and sought help by calling Universal TV without anyone knowing she was a pastor’s wife. She said to God, “If You love her, you are going to help her just like any other soul, because I am not going to use the title of ‘pastor’s wife’ to find her help. Now it’s in Your hands. I am doing my part; I’m going to the Altar. You see what we cannot see. If deep down she is going to be saved, then save her!”

I remember standing at my daughter’s kitchen door and, in a flash, I saw myself going down into a dark hole. I tried to open my eyes but I couldn’t see a glimpse of light, so I yelled out to Jesus, “Jesus, don’t let the devil take my soul! Have mercy on me! Give me one more chance to know You, my Father!”

I called out to my daughter, and she took me into the bedroom. All I could see was a dark place, and I asked God: “My God, send someone to help me. My daughter has already asked Bishop Macedo to have someone come help me, so please don’t let the devil take my soul!

Within minutes Bishop Luis Carlos, along with his wife, appeared at the door. He said bishop Sergio Correa asked him to come, as per request of bishop Macedo. I didn’t even have the strength to get to the living room, where they were. He prayed for me, saying: “Just as the fig tree withered, the evil in your life is also going to wither away.” In disbelief, I said, “There is no solution bishop, I’m going to die.” But his wife said, “Yes, there is a solution. One day, you’re going to find me, and say with a huge smile: ‘I‘m that woman you prayed for at my daughter’s house…”

Bishop, this is exactly what happened. I found the UCKG in Sete Lagoas (MG-Brazil).

He left, but left a pastor in charge of taking care of me. Every other day he prayed for me, and I gradually started to get up. I stopped smoking, started eating properly and began a new process of deliverance. It was not easy, but I overcame. One Sunday, I said: “Today I am going to surrender all of my life to the Lord Jesus.” So, I renewed my baptism in water and soon after began seeking the baptism with the Holy Spirit. I had my real encounter with God!

Bishop, the day of my encounter with Jesus was the happiest day in my life. I found true joy, and true peace. It’s inexplicable! I never want this joy to leave me!

Today I am a calm, quiet and happy person, inside and out. I am sure of my Salvation and won’t exchange it for anything in this world. I don’t care about anything except my Salvation.

I joined the evangelization group, then became a candidate to be an assistant and, by God’s mercy, I was raised as an assistant again.

Bishop, the Work of the Holy Spirit is glorious! My son-in-law, prayed for my deliverance when he was an assistant. And in November, I was fortunate to travel to Chile and work as an assistant in one of his meetings.

The Altar always gives back.

Maria das Gracas Laporais, assistant of the Sete Lagoas UCKG – Minas Gerais, Brazil

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