Andressa Urach is baptized at the UCKG in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Andressa Urach was baptized on Sunday morning (1) at the UCKG in Porto Alegre (Brazil) by Pastor Leandro Zangarini. “I feel cleansed. That Andressa died and I’m going to glorify the name of God and the Lord Jesus Christ to the four corners of the world, that He is alive, He is wonderful,” she said. She explained why she cannot be baptized like everyone else, in a pool, by immersion: “I have a drainage bag on each leg and I’ve been going through this great ordeal, but with lots of faith, because there is no cross too heavy for us to bear. I was baptized by having water poured over my head and that Andressa died and was buried and all my sins were forgiven. As soon as the drainage bags are removed and my legs are healed, I am going to be baptized by immersion. I will do this once I’m healed.”

After the ceremony, an emotional Andressa declared to be ashamed of her past, and commented: “Yesterday the ‘evil one’ put pain and inflammation in my legs to veer me off the path, but my God is wonderful and did not allow this to hinder my baptism today. I am firm in the faith and in the Word. May God give me strength not to stray off to the left or to the right, but walk straight in the Word of the Lord. I do not mind people criticizing me and ask God to forgive those who do not know what they’re talking about. I was face to face with death and know that God is alive is wonderful!”

Video of her baptism:

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