An expression of gratitude


How could I leave without expressing the immense joy that courses through my being? I have been serving my Lord for 27 years, of which, 21 have been outside of Brazil.

During this time, we have been maturing, as you said in the meeting, because only the years, struggles, trials and everything else that is needed are able to form and forge the character of God in us. And honestly, I was waiting for the Temple, just like everyone else that sacrificed in its favor. I wanted to live this experience, I wanted to “feel”, you know what I mean when I use this expression, it’s really not just a feeling.

Bishop, on Sunday I arrived early to the 6 o’clock meeting. I stood in the back looking at the Altar, the Ark and thinking, meditating on the things of God. All of a sudden my soul was flooded with such an extraordinary joy that I couldn’t contain myself and wept like a child. I was being washed; the water of the Holy Spirit rushed upon my soul, and this was before the meeting began.

I had a reencounter with Jesus, He renewed me, My Savior was there. I remembered when the apostles prayed and the house was filled, Acts 4.31, and while I’m writing I cannot contain myself, it’s very strong, Bishop! It’s indescribable!

Only those who came and will come, will understand what I am writing.

Well, it’s needless to say what happened once the meeting began, it was simply glorious. It was wonderful!

When you finished, I thought: already? I am renewed, I’m returning to New York with everything. But I couldn’t leave without first thanking the Lord Jesus, who is the Author of all this and second, thank you Bishop, who like a father, have taken care of us and helped us.

God bless you, Mrs. Esther and your entire family infinitely more.

Thank you, Bishop, excuse me for writing such and extensive letter but I couldn’t leave without expressing my gratitude.

A big hug!

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