Today, those who attend meetings held by pastor Alexandre Barreto, do not imagine that in the past, the former MC loved the night life, was promiscuous, had addictions, was constantly involved in fights and suffered greatly.

The Rio de Janeiro native won numerous funk awards, and says his biggest dream was to record with a well-known sound crew, who were an iconic funk group at the time. He liked to go to parties to arrange fights and assault people. Besides that, he used drugs and cheated on his girlfriend – who is now his wife. Though he was constantly surrounded by friends and went to many parties, he had a void inside.

“I thought that if I did a big show and sang for a huge crowd, the void would be filled.” – he explains.

However, nothing made him feel whole, not even the drugs, the women or signing the contract he dreamt of for so long. Nothing made him happy. “The moment I stepped off stage, I realized the void was still inside,” says Alexandre.

Alexandre only came to his senses after an armed group of men tried to kill him, and he found himself in a life and death situation. He recalls them locking him and his friends up in a room. They severely beat them up, and the only reason that they didn’t kill them was because of the number of witnesses that were outside. These were people he had brought to the party because he was the leader in one of the neighborhoods.

To further worsen his suffering, due to the whole situation, his girlfriend decided to breakup with him. Because Alexander did not know the proper direction to follow and the void continued in his chest, he found himself at rock bottom.

However, through an invitation from a friend who belonged to the VYG, and also due to many prayers and chains of prayer carried out by his mother-in-law at the Universal Church, he decided to change his life. He surrendered his life completely to God, and there, he found the family he never had anywhere else.

Today, he is responsible for all the Universal Churches in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul – Brazil. He has been married to Lilia Marques for thirteen years, and oversees many pastors and assistants. His life was transformed.

In the past, he led thousands of people to parties, addictions and destruction, but today, his satisfaction is leading thousands of people to the Kingdom of God.


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