After 20 years of addictions, she is healed

My name is Bethzaida and at the age of 3 I began being sexually abused by relatives and friends of the family. This caused great psychological trauma. My father was an alcoholic and besides taking me with him to bars, he also gave me alcoholic beverages to drink. This became my first addiction.

At the age of 15 I got pregnant and was a mother at 16. I had to leave school and because I couldn’t financially support my daughter, I started working as a dancer in a nightclub. I worked there for 6 years. There, I got involved with drugs such as ecstasy, acid and more alcoholic beverages, and used them every day to be able to sell my body and make money.

After some time, I became pregnant again but decided to get an abortion. I met another man and got pregnant again, and had my second child. But he left me for another woman. So I got some plastic surgery to improve my body. An infection spread and I almost died. The doctors gave me morphine tablets (synthetic heroin), and this is when I became addicted to heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine.

I ended up arrested for trafficking large amounts of morphine tablets. I was in prison for 5 years, spending loads of money on lawyers so I wouldn’t remain locked up for 15 years.

For this reason, I lost custody of my son and sank deep into the underworld of crack, marijuana and mushrooms for 10 years. Then, I started working for a pimp who told me to sell my body in exchange for drugs. I reached the point of selling myself for $3 or just in exchange for drugs. He collected the money and gave me drugs.

In total, it was more than 20 years of suffering, until one day a group from the Universal Church rang my door bell and invited me to seek the Living God. So I went to Church. I was yearning for such a change that, on the first day, I surrendered my life to the Lord Jesus and was baptized in the water. This is when the process of my deliverance began. When I participated in the strong prayer meeting, I manifested with demons, and after the deliverance prayer, the bishop made a challenge saying that if I wasn’t delivered, he would stop doing what he does and start selling bananas on the side of the road. I made the decision and God gave me the strength to fight. I did the chains of prayer for deliverance and continued persevering. Right away, I felt disgusted by drugs and stopped using.

Today I am free of all addictions and I can say that there is a cure for addictions.

Thank God!

Bethzaida – Fort Lauderdale – United States


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