Addiction cleansing in New York

What goes through the mind of an addict? What stimulates this destructive impulse to use drugs, even when it’s against the person’s will? Many are constantly taking medication to live with a suppressed addiction. For years, they’ve undergone treatments, walked in and out of rehab. But even with so much effort, to the dismay of those who love them, sooner or later they end up relapsing. There comes a time when even their loved ones no longer believe in their recovery.

As we invited people in the community to attend “The Last Hit” event, which took place on September 11th, we met a man who received treatments to repress his addiction for many years. He spent a great part of his life, approximately 10 years, taking medicine and going to rehab, without any hope of finding the cure for a crack and heroin addiction. According to this man, he had already heard everything he needed to hear, and only wanted to avoid the withdrawal symptoms, so he faithfully took methadone every day, which is a drug used in rehab.

Some rehab programs in countries such as England give daily doses of heroin to addicts that are terminally ill. This treatment keeps them off the streets, but it doesn’t cure them. Therefore, they are just digging one hole to fill another, which only gets worse over time.

More than 1,800 people were present in New York, where Bishop Formigoni, creator of the addiction cleansing therapy, explained that a constant thought controls the mind of an addict, “Just one more time, just a little, then you’ll stop”. He mentioned that many people judge addicts because they promise to stop and that they’ll strive to stop, but they end up worse than how they began. Their families consider them liars, deceivers, schemers, etc. During the event, Bishop Formigoni explained that they are not liars. In fact, they make sincere promises, but do not have strength to overcome the urges, which is why medicine considers this an incurable, progressive and fatal disease.

So, how do you explain the thousands of people worldwide that have been healed through this treatment? This healing takes place without medication, hospitalization or relapse. This result occurs when one understands that the root of addiction is spiritual and affects the mind and life of a person. Once the root is destroyed, the person finds strength to overcome. For this reason, the treatment has proven effective and helped millions of people.

The Universal Church in the US opened the doors to this treatment that came to transform all the people of New York. Americans and people of various nationalities and religions came from different parts of New York, New Jersey and other cities, such as Philadelphia and Boston. They learned of the treatment through a TV program that airs daily. Several people that participated in the treatment left all kinds of drugs on the Altar to be discarded. Drugs like marijuana, heroin, synthetic marijuana (K2), cigarettes and various types of alcohol, such as tequila, beer and wine.

The Universal Church, located on 1091 Fulton Street in Brooklyn, New York, will continue the addiction cleansing therapy every Sunday at 3 pm, with expert Alexandre Teixeira, who has helped addicts find healing for the past three years by using Bishop Formigoni’s method. He is also a former addict and has been healed for more than 20 years. His life and marriage are fulfilled, and today he dedicates his life to helping others find the cure for all types of addictions.

Darryl Roberson, who participated in the treatment for the first time, revealed that he got drunk the night before, but that did not stop him from seeking help. He says this was God giving him a chance. Darryl attended the event and says he will come to the treatment every Sunday.

Debra Ellis, of Brooklyn, also participated in the treatment. She came to represent her son and her niece, who are addicted to alcohol and marijuana. Debra said she will also be present every Sunday for the revolutionary addiction cleansing treatment.



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