Act upon Intelligence

Believing in the Lord Jesus does not depend on feelings. How could God demand a feeling from an uncontrollable heart like ours?

The belief He demands refers to the obedience of His Word.

The guard asked Paul and Silas what he had to do to be saved. They answered:

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household. Acts 16.30-31

To believe is to obey. To believe in Jesus is to obey His Word.

If we rely on feelings to obey, we will never obey. How can we force the heart to feel a certain way? Can you force the heart to love or hate someone? Likewise, you cannot force the heart to believe.

To love God above all things is to obey Him above all things, regardless if the heart feels like it or not.

But, when you use reason, it is possible to forgive or not, to obey or not. In this case, it depends on wanting to use your intelligence.

In other words, the Faith of God depends on acting upon your intelligence.

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