A woman’s safe harbor

A port is a place in which ships may take refuge. It is considered a safe harbor, a haven for those who have spent several days at sea. Synonym for safety, a port is the end of an inconstant life upon the waves and the risks of being far from land.

We know that women are constantly in a sea of ​​emotions. The instability of the waves of their emotions makes them yearn stability. No matter how spiritual a woman may be, she will still have this emotional tendency, which she must fight against every day of her life. But, besides the Holy Spirit, there is someone – in the flesh – that is perfect to help her with this.

A husband should be the embodiment of this port in the life of his wife. For this, he must make her feel secure. At her partner’s side, a wife should feel as though she is on solid ground, since he will make rational decisions that will benefit her and save her from the bad consequences of acting on emotions. This is why the husband is also considered his wife’s guardian, since he protects her from suffering from the various concerns that try to devastate her heart.

But a man will only be able to do this when he is definite of what he wants. As his wife’s safe harbor, he must have goals and strive to achieve them day after day, showing focus, progress and results. This way, his wife will not worry about the present or the future, because both will be secure. Her only concern, from then on, is to take care of her husband.

This is God’s plan to balance the marriage scale. This is why so many disappointments happen when a husband is not attentive to his role in his wife’s life. Husbands that are emotional, undefined, passive and insecure have drown themselves in the sea of ​​emotions and caused their wives to drown with them. Some even try to make their wives their safe haven, when the responsibility in the relationship is theirs, because this is why God enabled them.

Therefore, if you, husband, have suffered with constant complaints from your wife, analyze in what aspect you have stopped making her feel secure. The subject she is complaining about isn’t what’s really bothering her, because the root of her uneasiness is the fact that you are not making her feel secure with your actions.

If you want to have a helper, you need to be a person she has the pleasure of helping, and not someone whose role she needs to fulfill besides her own. Be the safe haven in which she can find refuge before the monsters of her insecurities.

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