A spring is never deceitful

When we join the family of the Kingdom of God and drink the Water of Life that the Lord Jesus gives us, we become a source of life for those around us.

Receiving the Holy Spirit is the best thing that can happen to those that have experienced Him, because from the moment we receive Him we are made sources of life.

He makes courage flow in us so that we may encourage others;

Peace and joy, so that we may bring joy to others and quench the thirst of those around us.

If we become insensitive to the thirst of those around us, what kind of spring will we be?

If we do not live in perfect communion, keeping our conscience pure;

If we sadden Him or erase Him from within us, we will be like a spring that has dried up.

We stop being a spring to become deceitful and we will bring upon ourselves the curse mentioned in Jeremiah 48.10.

“Cursed is he who does the work of the Lord deceitfully…”

Let us not be deceitful, instead, let’s be a spring!

Let’s share the water we drink; let’s share the Salvation we receive;

Let’s share the peace and life that He has given us and therefore quench the thirst of those around us.

May all those who are Universal be a source, because this thirsty world needs us.

And those who are not a source yet, must urgently drink the Water of Life and become one.


Bishop, the entire family of the Kingdom of God in Colombia prays for you.

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