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The Temple of Solomon was built. Such a grand and unique construction had yet to be built in the entire country. And did anyone think this would happen without the media covering the story without a hint of bias and prejudice? Of course not, we are not naive.

The amount of money spent on this construction can always be found in the title of UOL, Estadao and Folha de Sao Paulo news reports. Why is this? So that those who read their newspapers and already tend to dislike the Church, see such high values and quickly associate it to their preconceptions.

Often, these people don’t even read the full story, yet they see the construction as something negative, finding that the purpose of the institution has something to do with ostentation and money. I have not read all of their materials, but I’ve noticed that their posts on social networks use what I mentioned above, which leads me to strongly believe that this is nothing other than encouraging prejudice.

The comments have no logical foundation. They are simply prejudiced assumptions. But it’s to be expected. If this can be found coming from “professional”, people who are very knowledgeable and have the duty to provide truthful and impartial information, what can we expect from people who do not have the same professional commitment to truth?

I will state some of these opinions here and explain why they’re just mere speculations:

1 – Why waste so much money to build a church, when they could have built hospitals and schools instead?

If I told you that the money you spend on expensive clothes, vacations, parties, beer, cigarettes or anything else that is not a basic necessity of life, and that you should instead give your money to the poor, to help build schools and hospitals… What would you say to me?

One of your answers might be that none of these things are your obligation. It is the government’s responsibility to do these things. So why would you say such things to the Church?

On the other hand, the Church (whichever denomination) also has a social duty. The Universal Church did not spend more than R$600 million to build hospitals and schools. But during its 37 years of existence, it has created and maintained dozens of social outreach programs without any financial support from the government or business.

To name only a few:

– Canaan Farm: in the middle of the desert, in Irece, Bahia, hundreds of children go to school, receive dental treatments, are well fed, cared for and still take home food for their families;

– Read and Write: offers adult literacy programs;

– Caleb Group – provides support for the elderly by offering courses, workshops and the practice of physical exercises;

– Rahab Project: supports and guides women who have been victim of domestic and/or sexual violence;

– Tamar Project: offers support and guidance to young women who got pregnant in their teens or are single mothers;

– Youth Group: a group geared to help Brazilian youth through various projects, such as: The Strongest Dose, which helps drug addicts and partners them up with rehab clinics. Culture, which promotes dance, music and theater for youth. Youth#10 and FJUni, which guides youth through the job market, helps determine which classes they should take and afterschool tutoring programs. Sports, which rehabilitates an infinite number of youths who were addicts and involved with criminal activities. There are several other projects offered by the Youth Group, these are just a few.

The Universal Church also offers:

– Evangelization in prisons: intends to rehabilitate the inmate through faith and offers social support to the families;

– Angels of the Night: social work to help the homeless with food and clothes donations, and spiritual help.

There are more, but I’ve only stated a few.

Even without the trillions of dollars the state collects annually on taxes, we do far more. Stop complaining and instead, come help us by being a volunteer! Not to mention that, through faith, thousands of people are healed. And those of you who like to talk about the Church so much, what have you done to help?

2 – They use this verse to justify the futility and pride in building the Temple: God, who made the world and everything in it, since He is Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands. Acts 17.24

It is obvious that God, in His greatness (described in Isaiah 40.12-18), does not dwell in any temple or specific place. He is grand. He has the entire Universe in the palm of the hand. However, the building’s spiritual goal is based on the principle of the First Temple, built by Solomon and idealized by his father, David.

Read the following verse:

…the king said to Nathan the prophet, “See now, I dwell in a house of cedar, but the ark of God dwells inside tent curtains.” Then Nathan said to the king, “Go, do all that is in your heart, for the Lord is with you.” 2 Samuel 7.2-3

David wanted to glorify the Lord, therefore he designed a temple for Him to be served, worshiped and so that people could work on having a communion with Him. And this temple was built. In 2 Chronicles, chapter 6 and 7, you can read what happened after its construction. The His glory filled this place and He said this: Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer made in this place.” 2 Chronicles 7.15

To sum this up: God does not dwell in places built by men, but He can choose to fill them with His glory and become present in such places and in the lives of those who seek Him in truth.


3 – President Dilma, who was present at the inauguration of the Temple, is proof of the inefficiency of the Secular State.

The basis of the principle of the secular State defends diversity, respect and non-religious persecution. And that’s it. It is the base of this idea. Dilma can and should support religions. She did the same thing when she received the Pope in Brazil. She does this by allowing manifestations of African religions and allowing the march for Jesus. So why is every complaining so much once they saw her inside the Universal Church, participating in a meeting? Prejudice.

4 – The faithful have to pay to enter the Temple.

No. You pay for the ride, which transports you to the site. And why adopt this system? There are countless reasons…

– Organization, comfort and safety: this way, a number of believers will be attending, preventing people from remaining outside, people standing during the service, with nowhere to sit. We can also avoid large crowds, riots and shoving;

– Traffic: we can avoid heavy traffic in this area of the city, preventing problems for the faithful and the general population;

Moreover, this system is not forever. It will only be taking place during the first part of the inaugurations. Soon, people will be able to schedule their visit at the Church in Bras, besides the Temple.

There are still other issues that could be stated, but these are the main ones at the moment. Most of this may only be comprehended by those who are capable of understanding what is authentic and what it means to honor God. And unfortunately, most people are unable to understand this.

Collaborated: Rafaella Rizzo

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