A new life in 21 days?

Is there something about your life that you wish you could change? A bad habit, a bad relationship that you wish you had the strength to let go of, do you have the desire to believe in yourself? Many people have something they wish they could change about themselves but do not have the direction on how to do it. They try and fail, and they believe that their life was destined to be that way.

Despite what many may believe, changing your life does not begin with your bank account, how happy you are in your love life, how fulfilled you are professionally or how many years you invest in an education. Change begins from the inside out. When you are pleased with who you are on the inside, you are able to conquer whatever you reach for in your life.

Problems will come of course, they come to everyone, but you will be strong enough to face them when you deal with what is inside of you first.

For 21 days we will dedicate ourselves to changing what is inside. From September 20th to October 11th, The Universal Church worldwide will hold the 21-Day Fast of Daniel for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. This fasting has nothing to do with food and drink; instead, we will be fasting from secular information, social media and entertainment. These three weeks will be dedicated to investing in you, in your spiritual life and in starting anew.

In all locations of The Universal Church, bishops and pastors will explain Who the Holy Spirit is and how He can help you receive a new life and become a new person. Do not miss this opportunity.

Feel free to visit our location nearest you or contact us for more information.

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