A land that I will show you

Without questions.
Without arguments.
Without discussing your opinion.
But believing that Who was speaking wanted the best for him.
Even though it was hard to understand at the time, by faith he knew he would understand later.
This was exactly how Abraham left, obeying the voice of faith. Gen. 12.1-4

“You shall be a blessing”, was one of the promises God made to Abraham.
We all know that there is no need to seek something we already have and we already are.
Abraham’s obedience made him a blessing.
Therefore, it made no difference to choose the place where he was going,
because, regardless of where it was, Abraham already was and had the blessing.
Those who are not and, therefore, do not have the blessing, live according to what they see, hear or feel.
Consequently, subjecting their decisions to failure.
This is what happened with his nephew Lot. Gen. 13.9-12
“He lifted his eyes and saw all the plain of Jordan.”
Little did he know this place would only bring him sorrow and suffering.
For those who are a blessing, even the most unfavorable places, become a blessing. Abraham did not choose anything, and he did not need to by going to the land of Canaan. Not only did he live there, he possessed the land too.
This, by the way, was the land God had said: “Go to the land that I will show you”.

Once you live in obedience to the Word of God,
the place where you are, or go, will not make any difference.
You are and possess the Blessing!
Even the things that would go wrong for others, will work out in your favor.

Every servant will pass through this experience.
Those who have already passed through this will certainly pass through it again.

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