A desperate cry for help

Ever since I was five years old, my father abused me. The abuse would happen every day. This lasted for 10 years, and he always told me that it was my fault. He forced me to drop out of school at a very young age in order to take care of my little sisters as if I were their mother and his wife. For years the abuse continued until I had enough! I finally told my mother what was going on, and she filed a restraining order against him and got a divorce. This was supposed to fix everything but it didn’t cover up the scars of the past.

A few years down the line, when I was 22 years old, I became a heavy alcoholic drinking day in and day out. I got tired of remembering what happened to me, so I drank to numb my memory. Eventually I moved to heavier substances – drugs. I tried a few, but got hooked on cocaine for over 20 years. I thought it would make me feel better, but it destroyed my life. I reached my rock bottom but had nowhere to turn to for help.

This was how I came to the church – desperate for a change. I made my Chains of Prayer for my emotional and spiritual freedom, and today my life is brand new. I am married and have very good children.

The 20-year addiction is completely gone and my spirit is lifted. I left the past behind, forgave my father and moved on from the old life. I am never looking back because I know God wants to do great things through me! Now I am helping others the same way I was helped one day.



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