5 Steps for an addict family


Understand that your family member’s addiction does not imply he has a flawed character, is a delinquent or has behavioral issues; it means there is a spirit that dominates the addict’s mind. Knowing this, we begin to understand that the battle is strictly spiritual and the family must fight with all their strength to free their family member from the control of this spirit.



Do not wait for the addict to ask for help in order for you to start taking action. After all, most of the time, he will say he doesn’t want help or denies being an addict, which leaves the family powerless, since every treatment requires the addict to be present.


The “Treatment for Healing of Addictions” is the only treatment that the family can seek a cure for the addict without him being present.



Never be influenced by an addict’s words, such as “I don’t want help,” “I like using drugs and I’m not going to stop”, “I use because I want to and I can stop whenever I want,” “It’s no use looking for help because I’m not going to stop…”

These words, however convincing they may seem, are influenced by the spirit of addiction to discourage the family from fighting. The best thing to do is wait for the right moment to convince him to come to the treatment. And this happens when he begins to realize what he has lost and how much pain he has caused. What the family can do is help him realize such things.



Unlike what many families do, the addict should be treated with love and understanding. Avoid accusing or condemning him for his addiction. As hard as it is to do this, it’s the only way to keep him connected with the family, because when you act differently, you end up pushing him away, which causes a barrier between him and the family and brings him closer to other addicts who also face the same difficulties with their family.



Don’t conform to the idea spread by other treatments that addiction has no cure and you will have to live with your addict family member for the rest of your life. This is not true!

This only serves to discourage the family from fighting for the addict.


The Treatment for Healing of Addictions has proven that addiction can be cured!

Thousands of people have received a definite cure!

What the family should do is come to the treatment, believe, persevere and obey. By doing this, you will have your family member back and he will be transformed

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