3 Types of Christians

We know that the book of Songs shows the relationship between Solomon and his beloved. Which also represents the relationship between our God and His church.

There are sixty queens, and eighty concubines, and virgins without number. Song of Solomon 6.8
This passage gives us insight into the church of our Lord Jesus, because there is also this kind of separation among the Christians within the church.

Unfortunately, most are virgins.
virgins without number…
Are those who are in church, but haven’t surrendered their life to their Beloved, our Lord Jesus. They may even possess the title of “believer, Christian, evangelical etc.”, but do not obey the Word of God with their life.
They lie, do not forgive, are fake, hypocritical, have bad eyes, judge others, are promiscuous…

Another part is made up of concubines.
According to the dictionary: A woman who lives with a man to whom she is not legally married.
and eighty concubines…
Are those who attend church, like the prayers, songs, church, agree with what the pastor is preaching, etc. but because they are concubines, they are not married to God, they do not have a true commitment, they are not baptized in water, they do not evangelize, they do not agree with giving tithes, offerings and sacrifices, they want to follow the Bible their own way; in other words, they are not in the world, but the world is still in them.

And last, the queens, who are unfortunately the minority.
There are sixty queens…
Are those who married the King, our Lord Jesus. They have truly surrendered themselves, without reservations. They put their past behind them.
They have changed the character and bad attitude, they have learned to love those who persecute them, pray for those who hate them, keep their salvation as their priority, they have filled themselves with the Holy Spirit, find pleasure in winning souls, and not only are they a member of the church, but a disciple of the Lord Jesus.

And you, who are reading this message and have been coming to Church, which group do you belong to?
The Queens, concubines or virgins?

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