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Access to social networks is part of the day-to-day life of most Internet users, but Facebook has really grown and conquered Brazilians – currently, Brazil is the third country in the world with the most Facebook users. Due to this development, websites that contain Christian content are gaining more ground. Among them is Bishop Macedo’s page, which has become very well known, reaching 1 million followers. This accomplishment places the Bishop as the Brazilian evangelical leader with the highest number of Likes on the web.

Among the disclosure of immoral and violent content that circulates through the Internet every day, the messages posted on Bishop Macedo’s page are intended to spread intelligent faith and family values. During the past year, approximately 3,000 posts and videos were published, reaching over 50 million people a month in various parts of the world, even in remote countries like Pakistan and Indonesia.

Several comments of gratitude and testimonies confirm the results in the lives of these Internet users. On this page, they find a motivational word to help them face their daily battles, as Flaviana Souza explains: “When I’m feeling discouraged or sad, these messages have been the voice of God in my life.”

There is no doubt that a word can change the course of a person’s life, and this is what happened with Mauro Sergio, who posted this comment last week: “I was addicted to crack and my life was destroyed, until I began reading the Bishop’s posts on Facebook and received an invitation to go to the Church. Today I am doing well. I am delivered. I’m a transit instructor and director and I oversee my father’s supermarket – where I used to steal from before. Things are starting to look up. Today I’m able to pay for my own car and I’m slowly regaining my family’s trust. A strong hug. Thank you to the Universal family.”

Prayer requests for health and family are also posted on this page, and the testimonies are proof of the fruits of this work, like Cristiane Luis posted: “Last week, my newborn son had to be hospitalized. And the bishop’s words were like encouragement, comfort and, above all, faith to me. While I was in the ICU, I could only have my phone with me, so that’s how I read the Bishop’s messages. Today, my baby is doing well and is back home, thank God.”

When confronted with so many problems, many people end up turning away from the Light, but when they receive these messages of faith, through Facebook, they realize that it is time to return to God. This is what happened with Daniela Alves: “I had fallen away about 7 years ago. I was a collaborator, but ended up turning away. I found the Bishop’s page and Liked it. I began receiving messages and reading testimonies on a daily basis, and a desire to return to my First Love was born within. I never want to fall away again,” she commented.

When a person hits Like and Share on a post, they are also sharing it with all of their friends, therefore these words of faith are reaching countless souls. Thus, crossing any distance and language barriers, whether they are physical or virtual, Bishop Macedo’s and the Universal Church’s goal is to continue to take the Word of God to the four corners of the earth, obeying the Lord Jesus’ command: Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16.15

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Social networks are important tools that the Universal Church uses to evangelize. Besides Facebook – in which the Church has over 700,000 likes –, through Twitter, Instagram and Google+, groups, bishops and pastors spread the Word of God and take the message of faith to millions of people every day.

In addition, the Universal Church also offers a unique counseling service, called Pastor Online, which is available 24 hours a day. Through this service, people around the world can receive words of faith and guidance for their lives.

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By Priscila Marques

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